‘All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name’

It’s another grey, cold, and dreary morning here; we need a lively hymn. This ought to do the trick: All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name, performed by the Maranatha! Singers.

Bonus Hymn, By Request: ‘Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty’

Linda requested this hymn, Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty, by the Maranatha Singers. I want to go back outside now and work some more on my book, and there’s nothing like a hymn to wash the collidge nooze out of my head. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

‘Thy Word is a Lamp unto My Feet’

Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.  –Psalm 119:105

How I love this song! This is the one that I woke up with this morning, so I’m posting it again today. I usually post the one performed by Amy Grant, but this by the Maranatha Singers is quite beautiful.

O Lord, may your word indeed by a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, for all of us who call upon your name!

By Request, ‘Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty’

It’s been a long time since Linda requested a hymn; so, without any shilly-shally, here it is–Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty, by the Maranatha Singers.

If you’re new here: the hymn shop is open to one and all, all the time. If there’s a hymn you’d like to see posted on this site, just ask.

Jack Searle, ‘In His Time’

Today’s worship song, suggested by Erlene: In His Time, sung back Jack Searle and the Maranatha Singers. This rendition is from 1980.

Remember, everybody, the hymn shop is always open. If there’s a favorite hymn or piece of worship music that you’d like to see posted here, just let me know.

By Request, ‘There’s Something About That Name’

Here are the Maranatha Singers, with There’s Just Something About That Name.

I read this song has been used as a lullaby. No baby is too young to hear and learn to love the name of Jesus! That was one thing my family did right. I used to love leafing through my father’s old Bible that he had when he was just a little boy, with the sepia-tinted photos of life in the Holy Land.

Now, then, everybody, I take hymn requests from all readers, but you’re letting Linda and Erlene do 90% of the work. So step right up, don’t be shy, and ask for one of your favorite hymns today. (Gee, I sound like I’m selling soap. Sorry about that!)


By Request, ‘Seek Ye First the Kingdom of God’

This request by Linda slipped through the cracks, somehow, but here it is today.

This is soothing, and if you like it, there are a couple of additional hymns attached. Between the music, the message, and the snowscapes, I felt my blood pressure going down. And why not? God knows how to give good gifts to His children.

Hymn, ‘Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty’

By request, Blessed Be the Lord God Almighty by the Maranatha Singers. Why wait till tomorrow to post a hymn that I can post today?

We seem to be spending a lot of time in the Book of Revelation today–but it’s a good place to be.

Hymn, ‘Give Thanks’

By request (here you go, Linda), here’s Give Thanks, performed by the Maranatha Singers.

Gee, I feel like Ed Sullivan.

Well, now we’ve got to go off to the nursing home to see my aunt, and I pray we find her well.