How Thugs Celebrated Easter

Tarzan was raised by apes. Mowgli was raised by wolves. They can probably both be thankful they weren’t raised by modern-day parents in America.

This weekend, Easter egg hunts at Orange, Connecticut, and Proctor, Vermont, turned ugly, very ugly, as parents jumped the starting signal and raced onto the fields to scarf up all the eggs ( ). The scene in Proctor was a near-riot which had to be broken up by police.

Last year they had an even bigger fiasco in Sacramento, California, as parents trampled and cursed at small children in what was intended to be the world’s biggest Easter egg hunt.

So our culture’s all right, is it? Nothing wrong here?

I can’t even imagine my father or my mother behaving like that–or any other adult I knew in my childhood, either. The whole community would have been appalled, and the offender packed off somewhere where he could never trouble us again.

And let us not forget that the whole affair was blasphemous. Easter is the day we proclaim the resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God and Redeemer of us all.

But then I doubt very, very much that that would ever have occurred to any of these post-Christian parents.

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  1. Well, disgrace is piled upon disgrace. It does not contribute to the pride one has in the nation. Almost unbelievable. Although I don’t consider the whole easter bunny, egg thing to be relevant, still the day deserves respect at least.

  2. And they call us civilized. Hmmm. And I agree with you Erlene – eggs and bunnies have nothing whatever t do with Our Risen Savior, but somehow our society has been hoodwinked into replacing the sacredness of this day with fertility symbols.

    1. I heard that “Easter” was the name of a post-Christian pagan goddess that Teutonic tribes worshiped. The bunnies were a sign of fertility because of their prolific breeding, and the eggs were the same.

  3. You are so right, Linda. What a shame, and the very name of the “holiday” is named after the pagan fertility goddes, Ishtar. Well, we know better.

    1. Yes we do, Erlene.
      Acts 12:4 ‘And when he had apprehended him, he put him in prison, and delivered him to four quaternions of soldiers to keep him; intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people.’ is the only place in all of God’s Word where the word ‘Easter’ appears. It was a mistranslation of Passover and some scholars say it may have been an intentional transcription error by scribes who ‘crept in’. Whether or not this is true, it certainly has misdirected the attention of people to participate in pagan festivities, treating this most sacred day as almost an afterthought. So very sad.

    2. Folks, I have spent a lot of time, these past few days, getting called a bad Christian because I choose to celebrate Easter. Don’t worry–I’m talking about some other places in the Internet.

      I believe Paul’s teaching in Romans 14:5-8 authorizes me to observe Easter as a Christian holiday, if I so choose.

      But even if Easter were entirely a secular day, completely removed from any Christian context, the thuggishness displayed by the parents at these Easter egg hunts would still be deplorable, and I would still deplore it.

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