Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?

Here are some space aliens! Hey, it’s all about knowing where to look…

Is science even science anymore?

Take, for instance, this “scientific study” from Australian National University, as reported in some of our major newspapers: the one that says we haven’t been able to discover any extraterrestrial life because it’s all died out already ( http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-hunt-for-extraterrestrial-life-20160123-story.html ).

Now, step one of the Scientific Method is to observe nature. In this case, all they’re observing is that they haven’t observed any ETs.

So, having observed nothing, scientists conclude that, dagnabit! They was out there, but we missed ’em!

Darwinist/humanist ideology, through its handmaiden, science fiction, insists that there be life scattered all throughout the universe. It goes on to practically demand that there be alien life that is much more intelligent than human beings. That doesn’t seem like something that would be terribly hard to achieve, these days. Consider the life found on our college campuses.

But this is Science at its ever-lovin’ best. We haven’t found any aliens, so obviously they must’ve gone extinct already. Probably before they ever got anywhere near inventing transgender rights or that stuff that creates a head of foam when you pour it into a flat drink. Like, dude, it’s hard to evolve!

Pardon me if I forget to tip my hat.

10 comments on “Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?

    1. Boy, this story has everything! Not only robot replicas of your loved ones, but a trannie, too! That is, some man who says he is a woman and we all have to join him in his delusion or else we’re biggits.

  1. I see all this as a frantic attempt by atheists to get peoples’ minds “lost in space” and god forbid that anyone should just simply believe the Word of God, and understand that HE is enough.

  2. Aliens: easy to believe in, even if there’s no evidence.
    God: super hard to believe in, when the evidence is staring you in the face.

    1. They just can’t deal with that, Laura. It makes too much sense and pokes a huge hole in their unbelief system.

  3. Wow! No life, as they expect, so it must be extinct. Climate Change strikes again! 🙂

    It’s obvious that these people have confused science with science fiction. No one knows if there are aliens out there and the presence or absence of them proves nothing about God, not a single thing.

  4. Karl Marx did the ultimate con job when he called his philosophy “scientific materialism” when there was nothing scientific about it. The Bible tells us Adam was the first man, so if men are found on other planets they must have been “made” after Adam. Anyone see a problem with this kind of thinking?

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