‘Scientist Says Chimps Mated with Pigs to Produce Humans (Not a Satire)’

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Once you’re part of Settled Science Inc., you can say just about anything without having to worry about the men in the white coats carting you off.

Scientist Says Chimps Mated With Pigs to Produce Humans (Not a Satire)

Did this guy really expect anyone to take him seriously? Well, of course he did: he’s a “leading geneticist,” people always take him seriously. You don’t want to be called “anti-science,” do you?

Our sin: we don’t just follow false prophets. We follow ridiculous prophets.

Oops: Monkeys Accidentally Make ‘Cave Man’ Tools

Settled science, this time our nice Darwinian fairy tale of human evolution, got a nasty knock recently when scientists observed wild capuchin monkeys in Brazil banging rocks against other rocks, an activity which produces flakes indistinguishable from what we have long called “primitive stone tools” manufactured by our earliest ancestors ( http://www.livescience.com/56543-monkeys-accidentally-make-stone-tools.html ).

Dammit! In the video you can see monkeys hammering with rocks and pausing to lick the rocks, possibly to consume lichens or minerals that they need in their diet. They aren’t using the sharp little flakes that fly off. Those just lie around waiting to be discovered by future Darwinists and held up as proof that Kilroy the Ape-Man was here.

Monkeys have also been observed to use rocks and sticks as tools for a variety of purposes, from opening shellfish to extracting yummy termites from a nest. For that matter, seagulls drop clams on rocks so they can get at the meat when the shell breaks. That’s a kind of tool use.

Animals are smarter than we give them credit for.

Scientists who invoke Settled Science… aren’t.

Yet Another Hellish Scheme

A team of scientists (I use the word advisedly) in Newcastle, UK–where they can’t figure out how to manage with the people who were born normally–is working on a project to create designer babies from the DNA of four parents instead of two ( http://www.christianheadlines.com/blog/scientists-want-to-create-babies-from-dna-of-4-parents.html ).

If only Heinrich Himmler could have lived to see this! He’d be turning cartwheels over it.

They have no clear idea, of course, how this cute little science project will turn out; but, like the ninnies in Jurassic Park, they’ve just got to go ahead with it.

Folks, if you think I enjoy reporting stuff like this, you’d better think again. But we do need to know what we’re up against, so that when we petition our God to deliver us out of this evil age, we know what we’re asking for.

Prayer is the only weapon they can never take away from us.

Have the Space Aliens All Died Out?

Here are some space aliens! Hey, it’s all about knowing where to look…

Is science even science anymore?

Take, for instance, this “scientific study” from Australian National University, as reported in some of our major newspapers: the one that says we haven’t been able to discover any extraterrestrial life because it’s all died out already ( http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/nationworld/ct-hunt-for-extraterrestrial-life-20160123-story.html ).

Now, step one of the Scientific Method is to observe nature. In this case, all they’re observing is that they haven’t observed any ETs.

So, having observed nothing, scientists conclude that, dagnabit! They was out there, but we missed ’em!

Darwinist/humanist ideology, through its handmaiden, science fiction, insists that there be life scattered all throughout the universe. It goes on to practically demand that there be alien life that is much more intelligent than human beings. That doesn’t seem like something that would be terribly hard to achieve, these days. Consider the life found on our college campuses.

But this is Science at its ever-lovin’ best. We haven’t found any aliens, so obviously they must’ve gone extinct already. Probably before they ever got anywhere near inventing transgender rights or that stuff that creates a head of foam when you pour it into a flat drink. Like, dude, it’s hard to evolve!

Pardon me if I forget to tip my hat.

New Discoveries in King Tut’s Tomb?

Queen Nefertiti… Is she waiting to be discovered?

When Howard Carter opened Pharaoh Tutankhamen’s intact tomb in 1922, it was the archaeological discovery of the century.

Now some scientists are saying that radar scans indicate that there may be more discoveries, equally sensational, to be made in the same tomb ( http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/king-tut-tomb-metal-organics_us_56eb7878e4b03a640a6a2228 ).

It should be noted that Zahi Hawass, the dean of Egyptian archaeology, says it’s all a lot of hot air.

But if there were a great discovery to be made, what could it be? Queen Nefertiti’s tomb? She’s famous for a beautiful portrait bust made during her lifetime.

Or could it be the tomb of Ankh-es-en-amen, King Tut’s queen, whose last resting place has yet to be found?

Either way, it would be a spectacular discovery–mummies, treasure, objects of art, and maybe even an answer to the question that still tantalizes Egyptologists–was the boy pharaoh murdered, or did he die of natural causes?

Tut is historically significant because his father, Pharaoh Ikhnaten, tried to impose a monotheistic religion on Egypt, some 3,300 years ago.

I once had a neighbor who said King Tut was secretly living somewhere in his building, but I suppose he was mistaken.

Anyhow, it’s been a very long time since such a splashy discovery was made, and Egypt could certainly use the publicity–not to mention a likely boost in tourism.

Stay tuned for further developments.

St. Patrick’s Dinosaur

The little drop of Irish in me (by way of my paternal grandmother’s people) urges me to get a jump on St. Patrick’s Day, two days early, to celebrate the first dinosaur skeleton found in Ireland. Actually it was discovered in 2014, but I somehow missed the story at the time. ( http://www.irishexaminer.com/ireland/fossilised-remains-of-new-dino-species-discovered-in-waterford-263909.html )

This is an exceedingly strange-looking dinosaur! I can’t think of another dinosaur with such long forelimbs in proportion to its total size. You’d almost think it was some kind of mammal, with a build like that–but it’s most unlikely that any paleontologist worth his salt would ever confuse a dinosaur with a mammal.

Most dinosaur finds are nowhere near as well-preserved as this: we know so many dinosaurs from only bits and pieces. Enough of this creature is preserved to confuse scientists. They haven’t been able to decide just what kind of dinosaur it is. But it’s certainly put the city of Waterford on the prehistoric map.

Well, enjoy it–another tantalizing piece of God’s creation.


We’re Doomed! Says Science Big Shot

Scientists are nothing if not resourceful. Where there’s a will, there’s a way!

Unable to find alien life forms anywhere else in the universe, now they reckon they’ll be able to create their own aliens right here on Earth–and that’ll be the ol’ ball game for the human race.

Seth Shostak, the director of that so far fruitless endeavor, SETI (“Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence”) has predicted that “re-engineering our children” through technology will lead to our replacement by a “new species as different from us as dogs are from grey wolves” ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-3405312/Could-humanity-s-century-Expert-says-engineering-children-lead-creation-new-species.html ). Our new designer babies will be as different from us as dogs from wolves.

Gee, I thought they’d already done that.

The successful creation of Artificial Intelligence, he goes on, will also help make human beings obsolete.

People have some awfully funny ideas about what constitutes some desirable thing to do.

He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh; the LORD shall have them in derision. —Psalms, 2:4

It’s when He stops laughing that you’d better watch out.