Sanity Medicine: Cute Kittens

First thing tomorrow morning, I get to go to the doctor for my blood pressure. I am terrified that they’ll find all sorts of things wrong with me that I never knew were there. “I say, old boy, did you know you’ve got a rather nasty thing going on inside your duodenum?”

Yesterday I almost popped a gasket when it seemed Medicare was going to confiscate the money for my aunt’s pre-paid funeral. Hint: Put the money in an irrevocable trust where they can’t get it. My aunt had wisely done so, as we found out after a time.

Please pray I get spared evil tidings tomorrow.

Now back to the kittens.

2 comments on “Sanity Medicine: Cute Kittens

  1. Indeed, Lee, I will post that prayer request in my prayer journal, and will be praying accordingly. We really do not need such as this; we have plenty to be concerned about without a lot of medical stuff too.
    Love the cats.

  2. You’re always in my prayers, Lee, and tonight I will add a special one for good news regarding your medical visit. How did you manage to get a doctor to see you on Sunday?

    Adorable little kittens – but then, there isn’t any other kind 🙂

    And Erlene, you and your son (for his shoulder) remain in my prayers too.

    Peaceful evening and God Bless everyone.

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