By Request, ‘All the Glory’

Erlene, I hope this is the hymn you wanted: Carroll Roberson performing All the Glory.

Will anybody mind if I don’t do any news today? We just forked over a $300 car repair bill and i just can’t face any news. My blood pressure is up in the stratosphere again today. It’s coming down now.

I’m in the mood for some cat video.

3 comments on “By Request, ‘All the Glory’

  1. We would welcome a news break, Lee. Hymns and kitties are much more soothing and uplifting 🙂

  2. Yes, Lee, it is the one. I got the title wrong, sorry. I love this song, so thank you.

  3. Maybe a Christian mechanic needed money so God sent you to him???
    It’s a bummer when you rebuke the devil and he won’t buke. So you take the car to the garage.

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