By Request, ‘A Moment of Time’

The hymn shop is always open, always ready to post the hymns you want to hear.

Requested by Erlene–A Moment of Time, sung by Carroll Roberson.

By Request, ‘That Wonderful Savior’

Requested by Erlene, sung by Donna Roberson, introduced by Carroll Roberson: That Wonderful Savior. The lesson is from John 4, Jesus and the Samaritan woman–one of my favorite chapters in the Bible.

By Request, ‘Jesus Takes My Burdens Away’

I really have to get cracking on a Newswithviews column, while I still have the energy to attempt it. But first a hymn.

Requested by Erlene–Jesus Takes My Burdens Away, by Carroll Roberson. I hope you all like the accompanying display of spectacular orchids.

This One’s for Erlene

Our dear sister Erlene hasn’t been feeling well lately, it’s been a hard week for her–and I hope we will all rally to her in prayer. Please, Lord! Erlene has been your good and faithful servant for a long time, and now she needs healing. In Jesus’ name, O God, please be swift to help her!

And the hymn, He’s Still God by Carroll Roberson, is here because it’s one of Erlene’s favorites.

We’re with you, lady–with you all the way.

By Request, ‘A Moment of Time’

The only hymn entered into our hymn contest today, so far–requested by Erlene, A Moment of Time, by Carroll Roberson.

I had hoped our hymn contest would both glorify God and add another dimension to our fellowship. Oh, well…

By Request, ‘Hidden By the Cross’

An entry in our hymn contest: Requested by Erlene, Hidden by the Cross, by Carroll Roberson.

I would love to see some requests from readers who have never made any. What holds you back?

By Request, ‘Is There a Mountain?’

Here’s a hymn request from Erlene to start the day, and we’ll enter it in our hymn contest–Is There a Mountain? by Carroll Roberson.

The hymn contest is only till Aug. 8, so get your hymn requests in ASAP.

By Request, ‘Blessed Are Those Who’ve Never Seen’

Ah, an entry into our hymn contest, from Erlene–Blessed Are Those Who’ve Never Seen, by Carroll Roberson.

I wonder why we can’t get entries from more than just a few readers. Why does it so often turn out that way?

BTW, that stream Carroll Roberson is visiting–I do wish I could go there and soak my feet in cold running water!

By Request, ‘Lord, Take All That I Have’

Requested by Erlene–Lord, Take All That I Have, by Carroll Roberson.

I’m gonna need some help today, what with allergies, muscle pulls, heat advisory and air quality alert, etc., etc. If the posts don’t come, you’ll know that I’ve conked out.

By Request, ‘He’s Still God’

We have a hymn request from Erlene–He’s Still God, by Carroll Roberson.

Let’s show the Lord some affection, shall we? Keep those hymn requests coming. And don’t forget our hymn contest! It’s only going to run till August 8.