For Erlene: ‘How Great Thou Art’

If our dear friend Erlene were up and about today, she might well ask for a hymn by Carroll Roberson. Dear sister, you rest easy, we’ll serve it to you in bed: How Great Thou Art, by Carroll Roberson. This is another one my mother and my aunts used to sing as they went about their housework. I can almost hear them when I play it.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

Ah, we have hymn requests today! First up, requested by Erlene: I Surrender All, by Carroll Roberson.

Hey, everybody, the hymn shop’s open all day! If you’ve got a hymn you’d like to share, this is the place for it.

By Request, ‘How Great Thou Art’

This one’s for Erlene (you asked for it!)–How Great Thou Art, sung by Carroll Roberson, with gorgeous background sets by God the Father.

My mother used to sing this hymn as she vacuumed. So did my aunts. How it brings them  back to me!

By Request, ‘Christmas Is Always’

Last day of our Christmas Carol Contest! Tomorrow I’ll announce the winner.

Meanwhile, requested by Erlene–Christmas Is Always: introduced by Carroll Roberson, sung by Donna Roberson. The background scenery tells me we’re not in New Jersey anymore.

By Request, ‘Glory’

Sorry the carols are running late today, but at least they’re running.

Requested by Erlene–Glory, by Carroll Roberson.

Yes, Our Lord had glory as a baby. He was born with it.

By Request, ‘Have a Wonderful Christmas’

Here’s another Christmas Carol Contest entry sent winging off into some dimension or other–requested by Erlene, Have a Wonderful Christmas, by Carroll Roberson.

I’ve got one more request to carry out. Sorry, folks, I’m doing the best I can with the defective tools at my disposal.

By Request, ‘The Real Joy of Christmas’

I couldn’t find the title Erlene asked for, so I thought this would be the next closest thing–The Real Joy of Christmas, by Carroll Roberson.

(Gee, I wonder what it’s like to have all that scenery around. We don’t have scenery here in central Jersey.)

By Request, ‘Let’s Celebrate Christmas’

This entry in our carol contest comes from Erlene–Let’s Celebrate Christmas, by Carroll Roberson.

If he can have Santa Claus and candy canes on his Christmas tree, I guess it’s okay if I do, too.

By Request, ‘Wise Men Follow Him’

Ah! another entry in our carol contest.

Requested by Erlene: Wise Men Follow Him, by Carroll Roberson.

True, I haven’t yet described the prize in this contest. Simply imagine the most luxurious, desirable thing you can… and then tone it down a lot.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

We have a hymn request from Erlene (if I receive them at night, I hold them over to the morning)–I Surrender All, by Carroll Roberson.

The ol’ hymn shop’s open for business, everybody.