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By Request, ‘Hidden by the Cross’

Before I go out, into what is shaping up to be a very hot day, to have my cigar and write a piece of my book, let me offer you this: requested by Erlene, Hidden by the Cross, performed by Carroll Roberson.

See how easy it is to get a hymn posted here? All you’ve got to do is ask.

By Request, ‘A Moment in Time’

We’re praying for you to feel better, Erlene; meanwhile, here’s the hymn you requested–A Moment in Time, by Carroll Roberson.

For those of you who are new to this blog, we post hymn requests and prayer requests. All you gotta do is ask.

By Request, ‘I Know Who Holds Tomorrow’

How about that? If I request hymn requests, I get hymn requests. Live and learn.

This one from Erlene–I Know Who Holds Tomorrow, sung by Carroll Roberson. Thank you, Erlene, for sharing.

Antidote! ‘I Know Who Holds Tomorrow’

Walking by sight and not by faith–that’s what we usually wind up doing, when we’re writing up the nooze–is a drag. If you think I enjoy covering “transgender” stories–don’t. Those are lost souls, and no amount of “affirming” their delusion is going to help them. They need to be affirmed in the love of Jesus Christ.

So thank you, Erlene, for administering the antidote–a hymn request. I Know Who Holds Tomorrow, by Carroll Roberson.

Ah, that’s better…

By Request, ‘All the Glory’

Requested by Erlene: All the Glory, by Carroll Roberson. I couldn’t resist the picture of the happy child opening his arms to God the Father.

If you’re new here, we take hymn requests and we take ’em every day. So if you have a hymn you’d like to share, just let us know, leave a comment anywhere in the blog, and we’ll do the rest.

By Request, ‘Take It to the Cross’

Requested by Erlene: Take It to the Cross, by Carroll Roberson.

If you’re new here, or just passing through, we do take hymn requests; so if you have a favorite that you’d like to share, just tell us, “leave a comment” anywhere on the blog, and we’ll do the rest.

By Request, ‘He Chose Me’

We have a bonus hymn for you this morning, requested by Erlene–He Chose Me, by Carroll Roberson.

Hey, everybody, Easter’s coming! Let’s have some Easter hymn requests. If you’re new to the blog and want to request a hymn, just leave a comment anywhere and we’ll do the rest.

By Request, ‘A Moment in Time’

Erlene requested this one, A Moment of Time, by Carroll Roberson. And if anybody out there wants any more hymns today, well, here we are.

I need to break away from the nooze for a few moments. I think I need to pray.

By Request, ‘I Drove the Nails’

Requested by Erlene, I Drove the Nails, by Carroll Roberson. More images of the Crucifixion: we have to face that. What Our Lord Jesus Christ did for us is barely comprehensible.

By Request, ‘I Know Who Holds Tomorrow’

Erlene asked for this one: I Know Who Holds Tomorrow, by Carroll Roberson.

I’m supposed to get my blood pressure medicine prescription refilled today, and I don’t trust the doctor’s office not to jerk me around. Please pray for me to get over this hurdle without a fuss.

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