By Request, ‘The Way’

Hooray, a hymn request! This one’s from Erlene–The Way, by Carroll Roberson.

It’s perishin’ cold out here today and we’re still sick, Patty and me–lost half a month so far. Please pray for us. I think I’m getting better… but what a mess this place is by now.

By Request, ‘I Surrender All’

I’ve really got to get back to bed. Cleared the snow off my car, we ought and brought supplies, and now my head is wobbling. But first this–

Requested by Erlene, I Surrender All, sung by Carroll Roberson.

By Request, ‘Christmas Time All Over the World’

“Before you dot another i, Bob Cratchit!”–that is, before I cover any more nooze, we have a Christmas song request by Erlene–Christmas From All Over the World, by Carroll Roberson.

Three more days for the Christmas Carol Contest! Can’t we liven it up a little?

By Request, ‘Little Stranger’

I know I said I’d write something about world government today; but we are running a Christmas carol contest, and if I’m lucky enough to get another entry from a reader, I really ought to post it.

Requested by Erlene, Little Stranger, by Carroll Roberson. Background sets by God the Father.

By Request, ‘What Began In a Manger’

Here’s a request by Erlene–What Began in a Manger, by Carroll Roberson.

So many Christmas carols still un-entered! We’ll never be able to post them all.

But we could try!

By Request, ‘Let’s Celebrate Christmas’

Requested by Erlene, Let’s Celebrate Christmas, by Carroll Roberson–and that’s an entry into our Christmas Carol Contest.

Now I have to somehow get a Newswithviews column written, and another chapter of my book, and I’ve hardly begun my Christmas shopping— [Puff. puff, pant!]

I’m leaving Byron the Quokka in charge while I try to do those things. Let’s see if he’s ready to preside over this blog.

By Request, ‘Wise Men Follow Him’

Before I dip into anything else, here’s another entry in our Christmas Carol Contest: requested by Erlene, Wise Men Follow Him, by Carroll Roberson.

I’ll post one more carol today, if I can get it before lunchtime.

Who hasn’t asked for one yet? (I know you’re out there…)

By Request, ‘Christmas is Believin”

I’m ready for another Christmas carol now!

Requested by Erlene–Christmas Is Believin’, by Carroll Roberson.

Oops. I seem to have accidentally erased a nooze story…

By Request, ‘All the Glory’

Yes, we’re doing hymn requests! Every day, if we can get ’em.

Requested by Erlene: All the Glory, sung by Carroll Roberson.

We live to bring glory to our God.

By Request, ‘He Washed My Eyes with Tears’

I like to save a hymn request for use after I’ve written up a particularly off-putting item of nooze–sort of a brain rinse. And today we have a timely hymn request from Erlene–He Washed My Eyes with Tears, sung by Carroll Roberson. Thank you, Erlene.