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By Request, ‘Lord, Take All That I Have’

Here’s the other hymn requested by Erlene: Lord, Take All That I Have, performed by Carroll Roberson.

Folks, the hymn shop is open all day, every day. If there’s any hymn you’d like to see posted here, so you can share it with others, just let me know.

By Request, ‘My Prayer Today’

Here is My Prayer Today, sung by Carroll Roberson, requested by Erlene, whose computer has been fixed. I said I’d post it tomorrow, but why wait?

By Request, ‘A Moment of Time’

And our first hymn request of 2017 comes from Erlene, and here it is–A Moment of Time, performed by Carroll Roberson.

See, everybody? It’s easy. If there’s a hymn you’d like to share, don’t be shy, just say so.

By Request, ‘He’s Enough’

This is the other worship song Erlene requested yesterday–He’s Enough, by Carroll Roberson.

It is with a certain amount of difficulty that I refrain from writing about electoral Weinerized politics today. So I’m going to give you an extra hymn instead.

By Request, ‘Lord Take All That I Have’

Let’s get the bad taste of the news out of our mouths, shall we, and fix our minds on something true and good.

Suggested by Erlene, here is Carroll Roberson with Lord Take All That I Have… “for you gave it to me.”

That is true, and that is good.

By Request, ‘In the Middle of Tomorrow’

At Erlene’s request, here is Carroll Roberson with In the Middle of Tomorrow, at the Agape Garden in Tennessee.

I hope nobody minds my posting another bit of worship music before I tackle the news tidbits Linda has sent me–if I tackle them at all. Judah the Maccabee kept a custom of refusing to make war on the Sabbath day, unless his army was actually attacked and forced to defend itself. I have tried to keep that custom, too: it was Judah’s way of proclaiming the Lordship of Almighty God.

But then if I were an ordained minister, I would have a duty to preach about these subjects during Sunday services. Either way, to do or not do, as long as it’s to the glory of God, we’re covered.

By Request, an Encore: ‘Is There a Mountain’

I just want everybody to know that we do encores here. I’ve posted many hymns more than once, mostly because people ask for them.

So here, requested by Erlene, is Carroll Roberson with Is There a Mountain.

By Request, ‘A Moment of Time’

I’m a little early today because I’ve got a lot to do–but first a worship song, nominated by Erlene: A Moment of Time, performed by Carroll Roberson.

By Request, ‘One Pair of Hands’

One Pair of Hands, sung by Carroll Roberson–think about this, boys ‘n’ girls. The hands that created this world are the only hands strong and skilled enough to regenerate it. The only hands strong enough to pull us out of the pit we’ve fallen into. And the only hands loving and wise enough to cleanse us.

By Request, ‘One Pair of Hands’

By popular demand, Carroll Roberson singing One Pair of Hands.

I wonder how they recorded this outdoors.

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