Hymn Request, ‘Fairest Lord Jesus’

Today has been just an awful day so far–just now, the cat is coughing a mile a minute, and my wife is fetching her car back from the shop because it wouldn’t work this morning: and so on, and so on–but now I can cope with it, because prayer works.

Once, a few years ago, the landlord and I were bringing a refrigerator upstairs from the cellar, with me at the bottom end. Suddenly my strength was used up. Do you know that feeling? The feeling you get when you are plumb out of strength.

Well, I couldn’t afford to conk out halfway up the stairs with a refrigerator on my back. So I prayed. “Lord, I need more strength and I need it right now!” And He gave me what I needed. Right then and there.

This hymn request is from Linda. Keep ’em coming, folks.

4 comments on “Hymn Request, ‘Fairest Lord Jesus’

  1. Thank you, Lee. Yes, He is faithful, and yes He does answer right now – even in tragedy! I can attest to that.

    I pray the rest of your day is calmer and more peaceful. These hymns soothe a weary soul.

  2. Well, join the crowd. I had to have my car taken to the shop this morning, and since they may be a while getting it diagnosed, it could be Monday before I hear anything. sighhh Not as bad as a friend’s condition since someone ran into her Mercedes on the driver’s side crushing it, and ruining wheels and tires on the passenger side.!! Much prayer needed.
    Thanks for the soul soothing hymn.

    1. Gone are the days when the owner could just break out his toolbox, like my father always used to do, and fix whatever was wrong. This little caper cost so much because everything’s computerized and the mechanic can’t do anything mechanical.

  3. Yes, I know what you are talking about there. My younger son is a good mechanic, but he hates the new computerized stuff. I wish I could find an
    old car that was made before all this stuff, but they sell for a lot of money now, too.

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