Video Treat: Lazy Cats

I have deleted the video of the kitten in the tubful of water. Some of you thought it wasn’t nice. Having watched it again, I yield to your judgment.

Here, instead, are lazy cats who have found ways to drink water without troubling themselves to get up. Sounds like some people I know.

4 comments on “Video Treat: Lazy Cats

  1. This is hilarious! – mostly because I’ve had cats that do these very things – even the one curled up in the sink! 🙂

  2. Funny antics. I, too, have had cats that drink this way, and two Siamese I had always joined me in the bath tub. They stood on the edge and watched for a while, then just slid off into the water and paddled around.

  3. I saw a video the other day where cat owners walk up & place a cucumber on the floor behind their cat while the cat is eating. Each time, the cat would turn around, see the cuke, freak out & leap 4 feet in the air.

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