Some Thoughts on Cats and Cucumbers

Why are so many cats so scared of cucumbers? It ought to be investigated, and here are some of the questions that should be asked.

Would the cat be startled by any object that you surreptitiously placed behind him while he was eating, or is it just cucumbers?

Would she be afraid of the cucumber if you first called it to her attention while still holding it, and then put it down where she could see it?

Do objects that look like cucumbers produce a strong reaction?

Are the cats who are startled by cucumbers easily startled in other circumstances?

Whatever you do, don’t contact your Congressman and ask him to get the government to fund a study of cats being scared of cucumbers. He will only wonder, while hastening to spend the money, why he didn’t think of that before.



3 comments on “Some Thoughts on Cats and Cucumbers

  1. After laughing a lot at the video, my wife and I both were curious about why this happens and why its only some cats. We looked online and found more videos, but little in real explanation. Even one on the National Geographic website but little real causes. Some feel its a automatic response to being startled by something unexpected and close to them. Some say its a response to snakes, but little proof. One important item we saw in several comments by animal experts was that it could actually be harmful to cats as they could hurt themselves with such wild responses. As usual Lee, you have provided some thought provoking content. Keep up the good work. God Bless you and your family.
    Mike & Donna
    aka Nick & Nicki from

    1. Mike, thank you for that–and you have posted Comment No. 6,000 and won a free copy of one of my books, autographed.

      Now I need to know two things.

      1. Which book would you like?

      2. What’s your mailing address? If you want to provide it here, I’ll delete it after I write it down. Otherwise, you can email it to me at .

  2. The video was very funny, and your questions quite pertinent. Of course, the last thing anyone would think of is asking the government. They are the last to know. We could try your suggestions, though, and we might learn something. Blessings

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