Cats Saying ‘Hello’

Since the glory days of the Indus Valley civilization, certain people have tried to teach their cats to talk. Perhaps this accounts for the collapse of the Indus Valley civilization. I mean, my cats can say “Meow” and that’s about it.

Anyway, here are a bunch of cats trying to say “Hello.” A few of them come fairly close to doing so. It is widely believed that Goethe had a cat that could say “Gesundheit,” but I’m afraid I cannot prove it.

4 comments on “Cats Saying ‘Hello’

  1. Quite a few of my cats sounded like they were saying hello, and two of them actually called me ‘mama’ 🙂

    A couple of those in the video were quite annoyed and upset, poor honeys.

    1. I gathered the ones who seemed upset were about to be taken to the vet in car carriers. That has upset every cat I’ve ever had. Poor Buster couldn’t ride in the carrier at all, but had to sit in my lap all the way (not the safest place to be, in a moving car).

      When my rats had to go to the vet, they would ride on my shoulder. They were awfully well-behaved rats. People in the waiting room always fell in love with them.

    2. That’s so sweet! The same thing happened when I brought my parrot to the vet. He would sit on my shoulder or in my lap and people just loved him. He would wolf-whistle at the ladies and talked up a storm 🙂

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