Cozy Time with Your Rat

Got to talking about my pet rats–what sweet girls they were! Every bit as affectionate as the rat in this video. They never did anything bad at all except to fight with each other as soon as we turned the lights out. Then I’d turn the light back on and they would pretend nothing had happened.

You’d hardly believe how smart rats are, how fast they can learn all sorts of things. Ditto mice. If they lived ten years or more, they’d run rings around us.

Come to think of it, though, that wouldn’t be so hard to do, these days.

One comment on “Cozy Time with Your Rat”

  1. They sound adorable! The closest I’ve come to that is a friend who had a guinea pig and my granddaughter who has a chinchilla ‘Oliver’, and he’s so sweet and affectionate and very smart. He’s hilarious when he gets into his little device for a bath. She puts some dry powder stuff in there and he rolls all around! And he loves to cuddle.

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