Sanity Break: Cats and Parrots

The title of this video is Funny Parrots  Annoying Cats. The mystery here is why the cats allow the parrots to annoy them. Somehow these birds know that these cats won’t really hurt them, even if they peck at the tail or steal the cat’s food. I know parrots are awfully smart, but how did they ever figure out how far you can push a cat and get away with it?

3 comments on “Sanity Break: Cats and Parrots

  1. I know these cats have a lot more patience than I have, or more than any of my cats ever had. I once had two Siamese who joined forces and attacked the neighbors dog that was in our yard. That dog had assaulted the younger cat when he was a kitten, and then the two put him in his place, but good.

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