This is Great! Smart Cats

Maybe I should’ve saved this for tomorrow, but I couldn’t wait to share it with you.

Here are cats doing some very clever thinking, plus one thought that was not so clever. I like this because it isn’t someone setting up situations: this is cats being cats.

My old friend Ed used to have a cat who used the people toilet instead of a litter box; but he never could get her to flush after using. Better not to try, probably.

3 comments on “This is Great! Smart Cats

  1. Priceless! Adorable! Of course, we already know how smart cats are. I’m not sure about all that paper in the potty though lol.

    1. Actually, the cat had to be smart, to make that particular mistake. He was making an imperfect analogy, likening the human use of toilet paper to his own cat-need to scrape litter over the poo. A really dumb cat wouldn’t have even noticed the toilet paper–let alone tried to use it for a purpose roughly similar to the one intended by the manufacturer.

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