By Request, ‘Jesus is Coming Again’

Before taking on the day’s challenges in the news, let us fortify ourselves with a hymn–Jesus is Coming Again (1957), sung with verve by the congregation at Temple Baptist Church in Powell, Tennessee. Thank you, Joyce, for requesting it.

Now I think I’ll do some laundry and ride a couple of miles on my bike. Mustn’t let a lovely spring day go to waste.

Our ancient dogwood tree has blossomed, and the one old, old tulip we had is now a pair of gorgeous red tulips.

God’s stuff works.

10 comments on “By Request, ‘Jesus is Coming Again’

  1. Thank you, Lee and Joyce! Joyful, joyful! This is our hope and desire! Praise God and sing louder!

  2. Yes, thank you for this. We surely need it in times like these. Have you read the latest on pope francis? He claims that God instructed him to revise the TEN COMMANDMENTS! Wow, I thought I’d heard everything! How much worse must it get before all out judgment lands on us. This is an outrage- taking millions of people (possibly) to the pit. If anyone believes him, …

  3. Boy, do we need this encouragement today! Have you read the latest words of the pope? He is saying that God told him to revise the Ten Commandments! Unbelievable! To think he could be leading millions to the pit… those who believe him…

    1. I’ve heard many questionable things about this pope, including that he said Jesus was a failure on the Cross, and he celebrates ‘Chrislam’, and he says even atheists can go to heaven. Where did this guy come from?

    2. Yes he is, but it seems there could be a little more behind the scenes – like evil personified.

    3. As bad as he is, this pope can hardly be the batboy on Team Evil–much less break into a lineup that includes sluggers like Al Gore, Hillary, Obama, Soros, Kerry, Kim Jong Un, the Castro Bros., and many more.

    4. He said that Jesus’ life ended in failure, “humanly speaking.” That’s not saying the Atonement was a failure: only that, by worldly standards, being crucified is failure, shame, etc. Which, of course, is perfectly true.

      The pope should have expected his remarks to be misconstrued. He could’ve phrased it better.

      Doesn’t it make you glad you’re a Protestant? Imagine some of the jidrools we would wind up with, if Protestants had to have a pope.

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