Pope Revising 10 Commandments? Not True

It was all over the Internet today: Pope Francis saying God had instructed him to “revise” the Ten Commandments to allow homosexuality and adultery.

As near as I can ascertain, the story is not true ( https://www.truthorfiction.com/pope-francis-god-has-instructed-me-to-revise-the-10-commandments/ ).

I got suspicious when I read the Pope said God told him to add a new commandment forbidding “glorification of self over God.” Well, gee, Popey, have you just broken that one, this very minute?

Apparently the story originated as a satire published by Real News, Right Now.

I suppose people believed it because we’ve all learned that you never know what to expect from this pope. He is a way-out socialist from Argentina. He believes in Global Warming and wants America to erase its national borders. So rewriting the Ten Commandments doesn’t seem too far out for him.

Anyway, it’s a satire, don’t get upset over it.

We ought to rejoice any time a news story turns out to be a hoax.

3 comments on “Pope Revising 10 Commandments? Not True

  1. Unfortunately, this site you show is not the only one with this news. It is on a number of websites, including videos.

    1. But the thing that tipped me off, looking on several of those sites, was that the article was always the same, word for word. That strongly indicates they all took it from the same source.

    2. Whenever I see news stories about the pope, I go to the official Vatican news outlets to see what they have to say. Meanwhile, whether he said such a thing or not (and I truly hope he didn’t), he (and all popes) still considers himself standing in for Jesus!

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