Cultural Disasters: What’s Next?

Before I tell you what I think is going to be next, I have to squeeze in a bike ride before it rains.

This transgender stuff, pursued with such an intensity as cannot be easily explained, is bound to burn itself out pretty soon–to be followed by a new exercise in cultural destruction that’s bound to be even loonier and even more fanatically pushed than transgender.

The question is, what’s it going to be? What will be the next perversion that our rulers and thinkers try to push down our throats?

Will it be… pedophilia? Incest?

First it’ll come out of the universities, then the media will take up the cry, and then the Democrat Party, and then everybody who’s anybody–big banks, big corporations, sports leagues, state governments, rock stars and other schmendricks–will be out there leaning on and bullyragging the few of us who hold out against it.

You’ve got some time, folks–let me hear your guesses. What’s going to be next, after transgender?

See you in a bit.

3 comments on “Cultural Disasters: What’s Next?

  1. Transhumanism? ‘. . . and ye shall be as gods’. The lure of immortality seems to be inching – no, galloping – to the fore, what with the ‘super soldiers’, automatons, humans implanting their thoughts into robots, etc. Evil insanity runs rampant and with Satan frantic, who knows, but this must fit in somewhere. He presented this from the beginning.

  2. I think you are right, Linda, and I might add, there will no doubt be a big push for polygamy and polyandrey. I have seen it already, but it will gain momentum very soon. Disgusting, all of it. Anything to be in rebellion.

  3. I think all we have to do is look back at ancient Rome\Greece to look where we are headed. Interestingly enough they also had public communal bathrooms. Pedophilia/pederasty was also a common practice, and there will be a push for it sooner or later. You can already see evidence of that. They may have a harder time with that, but without a moral compass it’s inevitable. A couple of decades ago we would have thought gay marriage would be impossible and look where we are today.

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