What’s Next? Romance with Robots

I think the popular culture is telling us what’s going to be the next big thing in crazy social experiments, once the transgender mania has run its course.

Today I received an email from a publicist touting a novel–apparently self-published–about some guy who has a romance with a “beautiful synthetic entity”–that is, a robot. I am not naming the author because I don’t want to hurt her feelings, and I’m not naming the title because I don’t want to be blamed if anybody buys this book.

This novel is science fiction, a genre which used to be a lot of fun but is now just a lot of twaddle.

The year is 2262. No way it’s going to take that long to get around to this perversion. The protagonist is a guy who writes comic books about superheroes. The thought that such piffle will still be around, 200 years from now, is a depressing one. He’s also “self-contained,” the 23rd century euphemism for autistic.

Anyhow, he falls in love with this robot and it gets a lot of fancy technical modifications “so she can achieve romantic love.” Oh, please. “Together they embark on an adventure that will change everything.” I’m sick of dorks who want to change everything.

So when they’re done beating us over the head with transgender, I think they’ll move on to pushing sex with machinery. It fits the pattern: this is even more ridiculous than transgender, and they will push it even harder. By “they” I mean the academics and the teachers and the media and the politicians who are always trying to change everything.

Toldja they wouldn’t settle for “gay marriage.”

Coming up: some evidence that, more’s the pity, I’m probably right about this.

I hate being right about these things.

4 comments on “What’s Next? Romance with Robots

  1. We Christians are becoming ‘the road less traveled’. It looks like my reply to your question about what’s next was pretty close. I’d really love to be wrong, but there sure are signposts.

  2. I can’t imagine this would appeal to many, except for Japan where they literally love their technology. Of course I could be wrong, it seems the world loves things that don’t promote life.

  3. I would say the next step in devolution is lowering the age of sexual consent – that’s where sexual addiction takes people. I had a very good friend in high school, the starting quarterback on our football team. I visited him after he was married to an attractive woman with whom they had a young daughter. Years and years later I found out he was in prison for child pornography – so sad, and so sick.

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