My Missing NWV Column Has Been Found

Okay, it was an email failure: Newswithviews never got my column this week, nor did they get my email asking what happened.

They have the column now and it’ll be published either tonight, tomorrow, or Sunday at the latest.

Oh, well… I’ve already written next week’s column, and you saw it first right here.

4 comments on “My Missing NWV Column Has Been Found

  1. Internet control has been at work here. I try to click on your articles via News with Views and my computer sends a warning may be a malware site.
    You must be writing truth if they try to stop it. Keep up the good work!

    1. Keep trying, Chandra. I get the “Attack Page” warning when I try to go from this site to NWV, but not when I go straight to NWV from the Bing search page.

      NWV blames this on Google purposely trying to suppress them because they’re supporting Trump for president.

  2. Thanks Lee. I have tried Bing and get the same response as Google. Not being able to read via search engines, I just bypassed them and came directly to your site.
    I write the truth as I see it, as well, and have experienced the ‘blocking powers’ of the internet.
    Keep up the good work. I love your ‘schtick’ (meaning style or talented way of writing).

  3. I also have noticed Tom DeWeese articles have experienced the same subversive tactics on NWV.

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