Video Treat: Funny Hamsters

This is specially for my friend, “Jessicafischerqueen,” if she’s tuning in from South Korea. I think she has a thing for hamsters.

These two little guys, who look like rather young hamsters, still have a bit to learn about using an exercise wheel. But watch their feet–like something from a Roadrunner cartoon, moving so fast, you can hardly see them.

2 comments on “Video Treat: Funny Hamsters

  1. They’re so cute! When my granddaughter was young, she had a hamster that escaped his cage. They looked everywhere for him for two days but to no avail. Finally, they said to their collie: ‘Where’s your baby, Molly?’. Right away, she found the little dickens and began licking him and cleaning him all up, and the hamster didn’t object! 🙂 All’s well that ends well.

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