They Admit They Lie–and Laugh About It

So you still don’t believe President *Batteries Not Included and his party are a bunch of big fat liars?

Three of Pinocchio’s former speechwriters appeared on Charlie Rose’s show recently (that’s PBS–cheat the public, whose tax dollars pay your way, and then laugh at them) and admitted that the “president” has knowingly lied to the American people about a lot of things: including his all-time famous lie, “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep it” ( ).

Respected journalist Charlie Rose thinks it’s a hoot to get your policy proposals through by lying about them. Haw, haw. How about that nooze media?

This is why I come down so hard on cultural issues. The poison that they brew in the universities seeps out into the wider culture and poisons everything. The whole idea that lying is acceptable because there’s no such thing as truth anyhow–they cooked that up in colleges, and now it’s in our public business.

5 comments on “They Admit They Lie–and Laugh About It

  1. Main stream media lies too, so they’re all in the same rowboat. If their lips are moving, they’re all lying.

  2. Correct, Linda, and if there are two to six people on set, you can be sure all the lips are moving at the same time, interspersed by childish giggling to go with it. How anyone can sit through one of the broadcasts/telecasts
    is beyond me.

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