From Westminster Abbey, ‘Crown Him With Many Crowns’

I love this hymn; and every now and then, I love to see a hymn get the V.I.P. treatment–after all, hymns are about the Most Important Person of all.

So here’s Crown Him With Many Crowns, complete with British royal family paying homage to the King of Kings who is over us all. Don’t be distracted by the sight of Queen Elizabeth in a yellow cowboy hat. The lesson here is a visual one: all earthly power, even royal power, is subordinate to the total sovereignty of God.

And yoo-hoo, I’m taking hymn requests all weekend… so let’s have some. Especially from some of you who’ve never asked us for a hymn before. Let’s hear from you!

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  1. Thank you, Lee. This is a beautiful hymn and it’s good to see the royals honoring Our King!

    You may have posted these before – in fact, I did request one for sure – ‘Up From The Grave He Arose’ and I Know That My Redeemer Liveth’

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