The War on Normal People: ‘Misgendering’

Why do libs and other Democrats always want felons to be sprung from jail?

Obviously to make room there for the rest of us.

In New York City now, they’ve made it a serious crime to fail to use some transgender kook’s “preferred pronoun” ( ). At first this prohibition applied only to city employees. Now it has been widened to include “employees, landlords, and businesses.” I think you can soon expect to see it expanded to include family members, neighbors, or just people passing on the street.

Laws used to be about what you couldn’t do. With leftids in charge, laws are increasingly about things we must do, must say, must believe. Like Obamacare: you must buy medical insurance. Or you must be actively involved in a homosexual pseudo-wedding if they demand it of you.

Now the New York City Commission on Human Rights–hint: if your town or city has one of these, then your town or city has more money than is good for it–is on the lookout for “intentional or repeated refusal to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun, or title.”

Does that mean I can force people to address me as “your majesty,” if that’s the title I prefer? If not, why not?

The commission suggests that, to avoid trouble, employees at any business should ask a person “What is your preferred pronoun?” the moment he, she, or it comes into the shop. Business owners are instructed to fire employees who won’t comply. If you don’t conform to leftids’ vision of “diversity,” you must not be allowed to earn a livelihood.

So, great, now the libs have put a brand-new crime on the books–in addition to other just-invented crimes like microaggression, humanizing the fetus, and the biggest boogie-man of them all, Climate Change Denial.

This is what happens when a great city winds up being governed by a nitwit who used to be a Sandinista groupie. This clown won’t even use his real name, which is Warren Wilhelm Jr.–not “Bill DeBlasio.”

Clearly God is angry with us, to allow such leaders as this to rule over us.

6 comments on “The War on Normal People: ‘Misgendering’

  1. I have been saying this for the last 20+ years, but we should have dropped a neutron bomb on NYC. After the radioactivity dropped to safe level in 25-years, we could just seed the city with normal people!

    The worst part of NYS is that NYC is attached to it!

  2. There seems to be no end to the insanity. Some of the titles they wish to be addressed with, I’ve never heard of! And I wish I STILL hadn’t heard of them. The silent majority has stayed silent for much too long to have allowed this insanity to take such a hold on our society. Civilized society is indeed a misnomer. Say, I wonder if that will be a crime, too?!

  3. I can just see it now. “Hey, what are you in for?”, “I used the wrong gender pronoun.” They say we get the kind of leaders we deserve, more and more I believe that to be true.

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