Encore: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’

An understated rendering by Bryan Gilliland of this beloved 19th century hymn–I’m going to need it in my heart today.

Evil cannot come before the throne of the Most High, nor can folly be spoken in His presence.

2 comments on “Encore: ‘Holy, Holy, Holy’

  1. Thank you, Lee. Just what I needed.

    Would you add these to your request list, please, kind sir?

    ‘Shout To The Lord’ by Michael W Smith

    ‘Awesome God’ by Michael W Smith

    ‘Our Father’ by Don Moen

    ‘Shine, Jesus, Shine’ by Graham Kendrick

    I may have requested some of these before, but in this evil world, all praise and worship songs and hymns could be endlessly repeated. Praise The Lord! Turn up the volume and sing louder!

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