Amazing! Good News!

The graduating class at E. Liverpool High School in Ohio has defied Organized Atheism and, at its graduation ceremony, sung The Lord’s Prayer ( ).

For 70 years, graduating seniors at East Liverpool have sung The Lord’s Prayer. This year, the “Freedom From Religion” Foundation–bunch of hypocrites–threatened the school district with a lawsuit unless the prayer were eliminated from the ceremony. School administrators complied.

The graduates didn’t.

We ought to offer up a prayer of thanks for them. And for those who’ve tried to spin this as a mere “tradition,” we can only say that it’s a great deal more than that, and they do greatly err.

Meanwhile, though, for how much longer will Big Atheism get away with this sophomoric doubletalk? “We’re only seeing to it that the government does not take sides on any religious issue.” How dumb do you have to be, not to see through that? Of course the government takes sides! Day in, day out, it takes the atheists’ side against the Christians.

“We are here to defend oppressed minorities.” Besides, it’s so much more fun to oppress the majority!

More of us–many, many more!–should emulate these great young people from East Liverpool, Ohio.

Defy the villains! And let them throw us in jail if they dare.

Judgment day is coming, you secular humanist dolts–and maybe a lot sooner than you think. I don’t know whether or not it’s too late for you to repent: but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

5 comments on “Amazing! Good News!

  1. Good for them! Atheists are really nutty. Aren’t they always talking about ‘democracy’ and ‘the will of the people’ and all that jazz? Apparently the people (the students) have spoken, but they don’t like that, oh no. Bad, bad students to say the Lord’s Prayer.

  2. These liberal atheists have no idea how lost they are – and what awaits them! All we can really do is to pray that they have a change of heart and repent! Some, I suppose, are sadly misled, but some, I fear, are evil.

    It’s heartening to hear young people stand up for Our Lord, even in the face of these atheist liberals who wittingly or unwittingly serve the wrong master.

    Praise God! Jesus Wins!

  3. He wins, and He always will. I can’t imagine being so incredibly stupid as to want to go with the LOSER.

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