Encountering Sheer Loopiness

Not being a mental health professional, I have never actually listened to a conversation with a genuine loon, much less tried to hold one. But going by what I’ve read, I heard the next closest thing this afternoon on my car radio.

It was a Bernie Sanders voter.

Now you can say things that are wrong, or misinformed, or intentionally deceptive, or even evil, and they will still make some kind of sense to your hearer. What you say may madden someone, maybe even provoke him to take a swing at you–but at least he will have some idea of what you’re driving at.

Not so this woman on the radio.

I have never heard an ostensibly sane person say such loopy things. I suspect a college education was at work: she took to heart the teaching that words mean whatever you want them to mean. So most of what came out of her mouth was pure indecipherable twaddle. Like, Question: What do you mean when you say you’re a progressive? Answer: “As a progressive, I reject all the labels, all those categories that keep people apart…” What’s that supposed to mean?

I listened for upwards of 20 minutes, and this is about the closest I can come to describing her position: “It’s the System that is bad, it’s corporations that keep people from loving each other–” please don’t ask me what she meant by that–“and when we get rid of all the barriers and categories and there are no more countries and there’s just one government for the whole world, it’s gonna be great, great, great!” I admit I have probably made her more coherent than she really was.

It’s distressing to think there are millions of such persons out there, all armed with votes.

But this is what I mean when I say college is destroying America.

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  1. And to think these people are having kids, holding jobs(?) Believe me, I have tried to talk to people who are holding jobs(?), apparently just there
    in order to confuse people who are trying to get some business done. It is most frustrating to say the least.

    1. I would be surprised to learn there were many Sanders supporters actually capable of keeping a job for more than ten days or so.

  2. Maybe this was the same woman who objected to the deer crossing the road where there was no ‘deer crossing’ sign. Loons on the left. Leftist education system breeds insanity.

    Also, Erlene, – they vote!

  3. I see the direction we are headed and its not good. It’s not going to matter who the next president is as long as the culture is rotting. Culture shapes everything, including politics. The cultural Marxists understood this and have influenced culture to fundamentally transform our country into something unrecognizable. I would like to be optimistic about our future, but if these are the times I believe we are living in then I suspect it will get worse instead of better. That’s not to say we shouldn’t do everything we can to delay the decay.

    1. I am coming to believe that, in voting for Trump and electing him in a landslide, we can finally stick it to Them as They’ve been sticking it to us.

  4. Yes Collages are killing us and yet Christians keep sending their kids , and keep supporting their ball teams and buying ball team merchandise that goes straight in the pockets of God hating academia

  5. Lee, I enjoy your blog. I am thankful that all your posts show up in my email inbox. That is where I take time to read many of them. This post caused me think about the lunacy in this conversation between Michael Savage and Livia. https://youtu.be/wpX0sfR3S_c?t=36m5s

    1. The guy named himself after the woman who poisoned Augustus Caesar? Sheesh.

      Mike, I thought you wanted to put me on your radio show. I’m still here.

    1. Who would you suggest we support, then? It’s going to be either Trump or Hillary. The chance of it being anyone else approaches statistical zero.

  6. On an InfoWars video this week, three of its employees went to Venice Beach in California and asked people who the 45th President was. Most of these walking zombies said they thought Obama was still president. How frightening to consider that all these mindless citizens are Democrats. Although some who didn’t know who was president, they did know they were confirmed socialists. One bright spot in the video was the beach hounds who said they never vote.

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