We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore!

So first the town of Hiram, Georgia, put up 79 crosses to commemorate, for Memorial Day, 79 of its people who have died in our country’s wars.

Immediately, in nanoseconds, they got the phone call from the “unnamed resident” complaining that the town didn’t check to see that each and every one of those 79  were Christians, and that therefor the cross was “religion,” blah-blah. In fear of the inevitable lawsuit, the town quickly removed the crosses.

After a firestorm of complaints and angry comments in the social media, yesterday the town put the crosses back up ( http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/26/town-removes-memorial-day-crosses-after-complaint-then-puts-them-right-back-up/ ).

And the mayor’s typical lily-livered comment: “It was never about religion–it was just to honor them.”

Two lessons can be learned from this. First, Jesus Christ owns the Cross. God knows He paid enough for it! To speak of it as a mere civic symbol is a serious error

But second, we don’t have to take this anymore. See yesterday’s post about the high school kids at East Liverpool High, Ohio, who, every last one of them, sang The Lord’s Prayer for graduation in spite of the atheists’ threats against the school district. If a bunch of high school kids can stand up to these little tinpot tyrants, then we can all learn to do it.

These are micro-minorities–atheists, transgenders, sodomite activists, race hustlers, and the rest of them. Why have we, the majority, allowed them to hijack our country and try to turn it into a Third World basket case?

Jesus Christ the King will defend us, if we put our trust in Him and be true to Him. Be strong, and of good courage–like Caleb. Read up on Caleb–“Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it” (Numbers 13:30)–and cultivate a spirit like his.

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  1. Because Satan is ruling this world – at the moment – evil is rampant. But, Lee, you’re right. Jesus DOES own the Cross! And He has already defeated the evil one. We, as His children, must stand up to this evil world – and be of good courage! We are commanded to watch and occupy until He comes! Come, Lord Jesus, Our King!

  2. Well, while it of course makes us angry that these people act like this … in a way it’s a good thing. We can’t pretend any longer that the cross is just a symbol that every ‘nice person’ uses. We have to acknowledge that God’s power is in it, and that it is a symbol of one thing: the Savior who died for us. The world hates it. They’re showing us the hatred. They get madder over crosses on a grave, or the Lord’s Prayer at a graduation, than they do over atrocities being committed.
    They hate the fact that no matter what they do, the cross will keep on showing up; it means that all their efforts to spread humanism and atheism are useless. It means that one person calling to get them taken down will spark a thousand people calling to have them put back up.
    So while it makes us mad, it should encourage us too, because I think it shows that they’re getting more and more desperate as they realize they’re ultimately going to lose 🙂

  3. II Corinthians 2:14-16, I think, explains this madness very well. I agree with Lee, and with Linda and Laura. Anything associated with the children of God is anathema to those who are perishing. Yeshua told us the world hated Him, and so it would hate us. No surprise. No sign we should cave in, either. A soldier follows his General, and may we all be bold enough to do so.

  4. Well this will probably garner lots of evangelical hatred for me but did no one ever look close enough at these ACLU and freedom from religion groups and see who it is that is so bitter and hate filled against Christianity. Just look at the names of the members. Roman 11-28 will explain it. There is a ethnic group of great power and influence who literally hate the sight of a cross . We love them but they hate us and are currently doing their best to eliminate Americas Christian culture.

    1. Ron, be fair, and remember what Paul said: it only counts to be a Jew inwardly, and not outwardly. There are many Jews who defend our culture as vigorously as any Christian–and way too many Christians who never left a finger to defend it: not to mention the “liberal” churches who are on the side of the attackers.

  5. Today is Memorial Day, and, as a veteran, I must speak out on this. When I was drafted, we had our dogtags imprinted with pertinent data. A clerk asked me my religion and when I said “atheist”, he visibly flinched. He wrote down “no preference” instead, which apparently was and still is, standard practice.. If I had been mortally wounded or killed, I would have, without my permission, been given “last rites” or whatever religious ritual available. Sad. Furthermore, if any group were to place a cross on my grave, I would have felt it to be a dishonorable desecration. Put an American flag instead!!!!

    1. But if you believe that God does not exist, how can last rites hurt you? They would be performed by someone trying his level best to do you good.

      If you are offended by the religion of the majority, have we no right to be offended by the irreligion of a minority? If it were to bother you to have last rites, what about those for whom last rites are withheld–as has been proposed for some veterans’ hospitals–in some minority zeal for a “separation of church and state” that exists nowhere in the Constitution or the Declaration?

      I’m not trying to start a fight with you. After all, we might wind up in court, and Christians always lose in court.

      But it sure doesn’t look to me like it’s the Christians who have any success at all in “imposing their beliefs on others.”

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