‘We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore!’ (2016)

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We let these tiny micro-minorities, like atheists, push us around and bully us–and where is it written that we have to?

We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore!

Oh, that’s right–liberals think it’s in the Constitution. Article IV: “Small, aggressive minorities will make demands on the majority that the majority must obey.” Something like that. Just waiting for some “judge” to discover it.

When we stand up to these little tinpot tyrants, they back down.

We Don’t Have to Take This Anymore!

So first the town of Hiram, Georgia, put up 79 crosses to commemorate, for Memorial Day, 79 of its people who have died in our country’s wars.

Immediately, in nanoseconds, they got the phone call from the “unnamed resident” complaining that the town didn’t check to see that each and every one of those 79  were Christians, and that therefor the cross was “religion,” blah-blah. In fear of the inevitable lawsuit, the town quickly removed the crosses.

After a firestorm of complaints and angry comments in the social media, yesterday the town put the crosses back up ( http://dailycaller.com/2016/05/26/town-removes-memorial-day-crosses-after-complaint-then-puts-them-right-back-up/ ).

And the mayor’s typical lily-livered comment: “It was never about religion–it was just to honor them.”

Two lessons can be learned from this. First, Jesus Christ owns the Cross. God knows He paid enough for it! To speak of it as a mere civic symbol is a serious error

But second, we don’t have to take this anymore. See yesterday’s post about the high school kids at East Liverpool High, Ohio, who, every last one of them, sang The Lord’s Prayer for graduation in spite of the atheists’ threats against the school district. If a bunch of high school kids can stand up to these little tinpot tyrants, then we can all learn to do it.

These are micro-minorities–atheists, transgenders, sodomite activists, race hustlers, and the rest of them. Why have we, the majority, allowed them to hijack our country and try to turn it into a Third World basket case?

Jesus Christ the King will defend us, if we put our trust in Him and be true to Him. Be strong, and of good courage–like Caleb. Read up on Caleb–“Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it” (Numbers 13:30)–and cultivate a spirit like his.

Amazing! Good News!

The graduating class at E. Liverpool High School in Ohio has defied Organized Atheism and, at its graduation ceremony, sung The Lord’s Prayer ( http://www.christianpost.com/news/ohio-valedictorian-leads-lords-prayer-graduates-defy-atheist-groups-lawsuit-threat-164437/ ).

For 70 years, graduating seniors at East Liverpool have sung The Lord’s Prayer. This year, the “Freedom From Religion” Foundation–bunch of hypocrites–threatened the school district with a lawsuit unless the prayer were eliminated from the ceremony. School administrators complied.

The graduates didn’t.

We ought to offer up a prayer of thanks for them. And for those who’ve tried to spin this as a mere “tradition,” we can only say that it’s a great deal more than that, and they do greatly err.

Meanwhile, though, for how much longer will Big Atheism get away with this sophomoric doubletalk? “We’re only seeing to it that the government does not take sides on any religious issue.” How dumb do you have to be, not to see through that? Of course the government takes sides! Day in, day out, it takes the atheists’ side against the Christians.

“We are here to defend oppressed minorities.” Besides, it’s so much more fun to oppress the majority!

More of us–many, many more!–should emulate these great young people from East Liverpool, Ohio.

Defy the villains! And let them throw us in jail if they dare.

Judgment day is coming, you secular humanist dolts–and maybe a lot sooner than you think. I don’t know whether or not it’s too late for you to repent: but it wouldn’t hurt to try.