You’ve Got to Read This!

This morning I was reading Notes on the Parables of Our Lord by Richard Chenevix Trench, a dean of the Church of England in 1864. In particular I read his chapter on the Parable of the Wheat and the Tares (Matthew 13:24-30 and 36-43)–and it turned on a very bright light bulb in my head. I can’t wait to make it the subject of my weekly Newswithviews column when I write it on Tuesday.

What did it teach me? That the Son of Man, Jesus Christ, sowed good seed in the world–sowed His word–but His enemy, the devil, sowed bad seed, tares.

There are innumerable species of this bad seed, but they all belong to the same genus: the enemy’s ancient lie to Eve, that she and Adam and all their descendants, by disobeying God, should become as gods themselves, defining good and evil as they pleased (in Genesis 3).

The Lord does not let His servants, His people, gather up the tares and burn them, lest they inadvertently pull up some of the good with the bad. That job will be done by His angels at the end of days, when He is ready: when both the good and the bad have fully grown and their fruits, good and evil, are plain to see.

Boy, are there tares growing in this field! All planted by the Enemy–atheism, unbelief and misbelief, Evolution, transgender and “gay marriage,” the crackpot notion that Big Government can control the natural processes of the earth, the incessant redefining of the basic institutions of human life–oh, so many! These are the bad seeds sown by the Enemy.

But it’s critically important to remember that the good seed is growing, too–faith, hope, and charity, belief and trust in God, belief in Jesus Christ and His redemptive power, and the truth itself. These will be gathered by the angels and safely stored in barns; the fruit of the bad seed will be uprooted and cast into the fire.

If we can’t see the  truth of this parable manifesting itself in our time, now–well, we’d better learn to see it.

7 comments on “You’ve Got to Read This!

  1. Very definitely, this is taking place just as you say. I have often pondered these parables, and almost always find new insights with each reading.
    The Scriptures are so rich with teachings, we can feast forever. I can’t wait until the time of the Lord’s return and His Kingdom, when He will fully explain all things to us.

  2. Very good post and I just might look up that book! Yes, the wheat and tares grow together in the same field but the ridding of the tares is, indeed, the God-appointed work for His angels at the time of His choosing. And you are right — faith in God is growing along with those other things you mentioned. I’ve noticed a soldier-like seriousness growing in the church. I’ve met more people wanting to pray for this nation’s needs and I’ve seen more churches advertising evenings (or overnight times) of simply coming together to worship – no preaching during the worship time or prayer requests made until after the worship is finished. Troops for God on their knees in prayer trenches and upright with hands lifted high in worship. We can do nothing about the tares but we can focus on God and on His love for us.

  3. And it is becoming worse. I suspect we have no idea of the staggering amount of tares sown in the field. They are now boldly coming to fruit. It is not just in the US either. I live in South Africa and here too, things are steadily becoming worse. Seems we may be entering the times of “the beginning of the sorrows”…?

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