Here’s Something to See!

Here we go–a 92-year-old World War II Navy veteran throws the ceremonial first pitch at a recent Seattle Mariners ballgame. Note that he runs to the mound, he doesn’t just walk, and that his uniform still fits. If you’ve got a heart, this will warm it for you.

This reminds me of my father, another Navy vet of World War II, and one of the strongest men I ever saw. He was lean and trim, and still had iron muscles when he was in his seventies. How I used to love watching him hit a baseball!

They grew ’em tough, in those days.

2 comments on “Here’s Something to See!

  1. Hope you will parden me today. Just came from a very long time in the dentist’s office, extraction, much difficulty. Try to do better tomorrow.

    1. Yes, nothing like the four or five-hour stint in the dentist chair to take the wind out of your sails–and I wish I didn’t know that.

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