The Worst Lady

Michelle Obama–who lives in luxury that you and I will never see, let alone experience–recently told graduating seniors at City College of New York, “I wake up each day in a house built by slaves.” ( )

This is why Donald Trump is going to be our next president. Who is not tired of this kind of hypocritical bellyaching? Both Trump and the Obamas–and Hillary Clinton, too, come to think of it–are rich beyond anything we can imagine. Hey, remember when Mr. President spent a million dollars of our money to take Michelle to New York City on a “date”? But the difference between Trump and any rich Democrat is that the Dems are always trying to pretend they’re poor. Remember when Hillary told us she was broke? Oh, let’s pass the hat around!

Also, Trump spends his own money, but they spend ours.

In fairness, the Worst Lady, in her speech, was trying to make the point that some version of “the American Dream”–whatever that may be–is still around, and that makes America a pretty swell country. Only what she thinks makes America swell is not the same as what you think makes America swell. I think she has America confused with the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and her party with the Hapsburg dynasty. It’s all about “diversity”–as an end in itself–not unity. Cram as many different groups into the country as you can, with all of them going off in all different directions and only Democrat pandering to hold the whole blamed thing together. It also gives the Party the opportunity to keep on playing off this group against that group, but Michelle didn’t mention that.

Actually, she doesn’t spend all that much time in the White House. With all the tabs paid by the U.S. taxpayer, she vacations at Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii, and jets all over the world accompanied by her wardrobe–she spends more of our money on a pair of sneakers than we spend on a week’s groceries for the whole family–and her hair dresser and her dog walker and her manicurist and the rest of her entourage.

What in the world does she have to complain about?

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  1. Yeah, you are right about these “poor babies” whining all the time over their sorrowful selves. Reminds me of the picture of the pope dressed in his golden silk, garments encrusted with jewels, gold, jeweled crown and pointing at his audience with a frown denouncing their materialism. poof! Give me a break.

  2. At first I thought this had to be fake, it sounded too outlandish even for an Obama to say… I was wrong. Why must everything revolve around race, or gender, or whatever? These seem to be the only qualifications people care about anymore.

    I looked this up and her statement is partially true. The foundations and main residence were largely built by slaves, as well as free blacks and Europeans. But it was also rebuilt after being set on fire in the war of 1812 and has had restorations and additions since then. Of course, I’m not sure why any of it is relevant.

  3. Little Barry had it so rough in that evil waycist (gasp!) cesspool known as Hawaii living with rich white bankers and chooming with the locals. And poor downtrodden Michelle being raised in a middle class family and attending college what a terrible evil country America is and it must be transformed comrade for the good of the people’s collective.
    BTW-Why did Michelle and Barry lose their law licenses in the state of Fellonis? (*fun rhetorical questions*)

  4. Everyone’s comments are absolutely correct! The party of ‘unity’ couldn’t be more divisive – intentionally, I might add. And in that same speech, I believe Michelle complained about Trump threatening to build a wall. She was objecting to such a thing, meanwhile, living behind walls (a huge fence) and guards, police and secret service all over the place. Just like the rest of us, right? They’re laughing now, but God is watching. I would be quaking with fear if I were them!

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