The Octopus and the Teddy Bear

There’s something very poignant, don’t you think, about the image of a little teddy bear getting washed out to sea. I know, this video’s a set-up all the way: but it’s very nicely filmed, and the music is sweet and relaxing. And in the end, the octopus doesn’t try to eat the teddy bear–a wise move.

What is it with this guy? He keeps showing us octopus videos.

No ulterior motive–I just like looking at God’s stuff. The octopus is an intelligent animal, but they haven’t yet found a way to make him stupid and corrupt.

5 comments on “The Octopus and the Teddy Bear

  1. No doubt the octopus is smarter than most university professors. Maybe they should make this into a show, “Are you smarter than a octopus?”

  2. Hah, what unusual videos you find to amuse us. This is cute just like all the others, and yes the music is nice, too.

  3. How sweet 🙂 Apparently it’s not just children who love teddy bears! This scene should have been included in a movie. Thanks, Lee.

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