‘King Alfred’s War Song’

King Alfred the Great (849-899 A.D.), the Christian king who defended England from the invading Danish pagans, reputedly wrote the words to this battle hymn. Waffy-doffy churches won’t like it: “F0r the Lord is out defense…”

But if the Lord is not our defense, then we have no defense that will avail us anything. This great warrior was great enough to know that.

Andy Kenway has a wonderful version of this anthem. I couldn’t find video for it, but you can listen here, https://soundcloud.com/andy-kenway/king-alfreds-war-song

3 comments on “‘King Alfred’s War Song’

  1. We could use a few more like King Alfred these days. Thank you, Lee, and thanks for the other link.

    1. Amy, I’ve looked for a link to the lyrics but couldn’t find one. You don’t want me to have to try to copy them out longhand while listening, do you?

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