Desperate Criminal! 7-Year-Old Busted for Sharing Bible Verses

I suppose we’ll have to expect more and more of this. Libs ‘n’ progs redefine the family, the sexes, and everything else, so of course they’re going to redefine crime.

Recently the Desert Rose Elementary School in Palmdale, CA, sicked a Lost Angeles deputy sheriff on a 7-year-old boy, sending the bull right to the kid’s family’s front door. The child’s crime? Why, sharing Bible verses with other children! ( )

Wow. That’s almost as bad as misgendering someone. Or humanizing the fetus. No wonder the principal of the school called in the cops. The fact that the little boy wasn’t actually on school property when he committed the crime–there is, in fact, no law against sharing Bible verses, but we will join the boy’s “teacher” in overlooking that–seems not to have limited the school’s jurisdiction.

The superintendent of schools is reportedly “investigating” the incident. He seems upset.

So, let me tell you what I’m gonna do, public-spirited fellow that I am. Let me here publish Desert Rose Elementary School’s phone number–661-272-0584–so you can call them up and tell the principal “Thank you!” for a job well done. We will all sleep better, knowing there are nits like this protecting us from little children armed with Bible verses.

As for the deputy sheriff who went to the child’s house–

Does the L.A. County Sheriff’s Dept. really, truly, have nothing better to do than this? Like, how many crack houses run by illegal alien street gangs did you pass on your way there?

7 comments on “Desperate Criminal! 7-Year-Old Busted for Sharing Bible Verses

  1. Well, the book we once thought was the fiction created by a rather “odd” mind; Orwell’s 1984, is not only real and active, in fact we have gone far beyond his worst imaginations. I’m glad I am old, but have concern for grandchildren.

  2. My sentiments exactly, Erlene. This world has gotten so evil, it no longer tolerates ANY good. Congratulations to the parents of this young boy!

  3. The young thoughtcriminal should have dressed in Muslim robe and carried a copy of carny barker Anton Lavey’s satanic bible, he would be student of the month if he had went this route instead.

  4. @Erlene, Eric Blair aka George Orwell sat in on the Fabian Socialist meetings and knew what was coming.
    At least he tried to warn people. My elementary school had Animal Farm in the curriculum in 6th grade and 1984 in high school 10th grade.
    I’m sure those are long gone from the local public school curriculum.

  5. Yes, no doubt. Libraries have been “washed” big time. It used to be called censorship, but now it is endorsed by all the “elites” who know better. Disgusting.

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