The Shame of ‘Youth Pride’

I really didn’t want to post this, and only decided to do so after a struggle with my conscience. In the end, I think I have a duty to report this.

WARNING: If you click the link below, you will expose yourself to highly depraved content.

Mass Resistance, which has been fighting against the march of sodomy throughout this century, has reported what goes on at a “Youth Pride” event and within a public high school or middle school “Gay-Straight Alliance” ( ). This is supported by your tax dollars and is by now an established feature of public education, fervently supported by the teachers’ unions.

It is nothing less than the purposeful corruption of teenagers and even younger children, to serve them up as prey to sex predators–mostly adult male homosexualss.  It is done with our money, and in the public schools we pay for. It is done with the tacit, but sometimes overt, approval of our government.

There are other disgusting stories that have loomed up on my screen today.

God help us, and deliver us out of destruction.

P.S. to Christian parents: You continue to send your kids to these schools because_____?

Oh, wait, I know! It’s because none of that bad stuff goes on in your school district–right?

I hope you can be sure of that.

8 comments on “The Shame of ‘Youth Pride’

  1. I didn’t click the link … I’ll just take your word for it. I did see a picture a while back of a young (twelve years or younger) boy who was doing some extremely provocative movements at a Gay Pride rally, with the total approval of the adults around him. Disgusting and heartbreaking.

  2. So, is it any wonder that there are devastating floods all over our country, washing away everything in their paths, killing some, leaving many homeless and without automobiles? I think someone is trying to get our attention, wouldn’t you say?

  3. I have been seeing articles almost daily about the pope’s antics; everything from wearing all his golden bejeweled clothing while preaching to people about not being materialistic, to bowing before muslims, claiming that jihad is really no different from Jesus’ sending His disciples to evangelize the whole world… and many more just as ridiculous. False Prophet, for sure.

  4. It’s almost nightmarish to think that this is real and happening today. I worry for my grandbabies growing up in a culture that’s all bent out of shape and a dangerous world to live in.

    1. I worry about the very same thing, Marge. I suppose the best we can do is teach them, lead them and pray for them – hopefully keeping them close to Jesus. And standing in the gap when necessary.

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