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Encore, ‘Soldier of the Cross’

Yes, I know I’ve posted this hymn several times before: given the desperately evil state of our country, I find some comfort in it: Am I a Soldier of the Cross, by Isaac Watts. This version by Andy Kenway, backed up by the stark beauty of the Scottish Highlands, is my favorite.

Beautiful! ‘Marching to Zion’

This ought to pep up your spirit–the kids from Fountainview Academy singing Marching to Zion: words by Isaac Watts back in 1707–the hymn has staying power!–with melody by Robert Lowry, 1867. Background scenery by the Making of heaven and earth.

‘Creation Hymn’

Words by Isaac Watts, music by Heather Sorenson, performed by the Westminster Chancel Choir: Creation Hymn.

And now I have to hustle to get to the bank and try, try again to comply with all the bureaucratic requirements for Aunt Joan’s continued care. Please pray that I’ll succeed this time.

‘Am I a Soldier of the Cross?’

First things first–and here the first order of business, daily, is to post a hymn.

Am I a Soldier of the Cross–written by Isaac Watts, early 18th century, sung by Andy Kenway, with the stark beauty of the Scottish Highlands in the background–this is the hymn that had hold of me the other night. It does seem more than usually appropriate, in this present age.

‘Am I a Soldier of the Cross?’

This glorious 18th-century hymn by Isaac Watts, Am I a Soldier of the Cross?, gets a spirited rendition by the congregation at Temple Baptist Church in Powell, TN. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord!

‘We’re Marching to Zion’

Before getting involved in the nooze today, let’s have this from Isaac Watts, from 1707–We’re Marching to Zion. Youtube doesn’t tell me who did such a lovely job of singing this hymn: thank you, whoever you are!

Join In! ‘I Sing the Mighty Power of God’

Isaac Watts wrote this hymn in 1715, I Sing the Mighty Power of God; and if it doesn’t stir your heart today, you just may need an autopsy.

Sing! and celebrate God’s providence, God’s care, God’s love.

‘Am I a Soldier of the Cross?’

This version of Am I a Soldier of the Cross?, sung by Doris Johnson, was the No. 1 Gospel hit in February, 2016. I wonder what Isaac Watts would have thought of that? He wrote and published this hymn in 1724.

This is the hymn that’s on my mind this morning. If you have one that you’d like to see posted here, just let me know.

By Request, ‘Joy to the World’

Isaac Watts composed the words for this in 1719, and Georg F. Handel the music in 1836–so Joy to the World has been proclaiming the joy of Christmas for a good long time, and will continue for a good long time to come.

Requested by Laura–and I wish I could’ve discovered the name of the choir performing this, so I could give them credit.

By Request, ‘Joy to the World’

Joy to the World–would you believed Isaac Watts published it way back in 1719? It may be old, but it seems to be the most published Christmas hymn in North America today. The melody is usually attributed to G.F. Handel, but that’s not quite certain.

I have chosen this unpretentious performance by I don’t know who… because it sounds joyful!

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