‘How to Argue with a Lib’ (2013)

Not that there’s much of a future in discussing anything with persons who want to see an effigy of Hillary Clinton atop the Christmas tree…


The Absurdity of ‘Diversity’ and ‘Inclusion’

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I’m trying to make sense out of these twin pillars of liberalism, but it’s tough sledding.

Why must “diversity” be sought out and promoted as an end in itself? Doesn’t life just automatically yield a certain amount of diversity, everywhere you look? So why must it be set up artificially?

How do you maintain “diversity” among ideas and standards which mutually contradict each other? For that matter, why must all cultures, all ideologies, all religious beliefs, be “included” all the time? (Except for Christianity, of course: that’s the one thing that can always be excluded.)

If you must “include” everyone and everything, as all being equally valuable and praiseworthy, and valid, then what about those standards which contradict each other? Theism and atheism can’t both be true. One has to be false. The only way they can be “equal” is if both are false.

This boxful of tosh is the foundation of our Western ruling classes’ ideology.

By comparison, a foundation of mud or sand looks like an improvement.

Words That Don’t Mean What You Think They Mean

As I rode my bike this morning, I reflected on a few truisms that took me a long time to acquire. I offer them now as a quickie course in understanding our times.

No one goes home poor from Capitol Hill.

When our ruling class talks about our “rights”, they only mean a supposed right to fornicate. Those actually enumerated in the Bill of Rights, they despise and can’t wait to abolish.

When the mayor of your town, the governor of your state, or the high panjandrum of your country describes a project or a policy as “smart,” what he really means is that he and his cronies will make a bundle on it while the public has to live with the consequences.

When they talk about “choice,” they mean only choices that they themselves would make. All others are to be forbidden if possible, or at least made a cause for mockery and persecution.

When they tell you that they want “diversity,” don’t bother to consult a dictionary. To leftids, the word means a strictly enforced uniformity of opinion and behavior. But of course if you didn’t already know that, what hope is there for you?



Abner’s Literary Felony

Here’s how Michelangelo painted it, on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

Successful fantasy author “Abner Doubleday” (not his real name) has, in the series of his novels that I’m reading–novels which he says are dedicated to the glory of God–committed almost every literary offense under the sun. And I’m only halfway through the second book.

But Abner is full of surprises, and yesterday he provoked me to cry out.

If any of you folks out there contemplates writing a fantasy novel, please be guided by these essays.

In addition to packing his novels chock-full of fantasy cliches, Abner has discovered, and indulged in, the vice of allowing the world of here and now to break in on the fantasy and control it.

See, he’s writing novels about the ancient world before the Flood, retelling the early chapters of the Book of Genesis as a comic book without pictures. The villainous evil bad guys (that’s how he’d say it) are supposed to be divine beings who rebelled against God and came to earth as false gods. They are devoid of redeeming features.

Abner has also made them modern, 21st century liberals, only stopping short of giving them names like Barbara Boxer or Barack Obama. But at every opportunity, these beings, these devils, yap about “hope and change” and “fundamental transformation” of the ancient world, do everything in their power to turn all human beings into welfare dependents, invent modern feminism and inflict it on the antediluvian world–I know it’s only a matter of time before he drags in the minimum wage.

As much as I detest liberalism, and loathe all its works, may I be fricaseed if I ever cram it into one of my novels. Our world’s political and social issues have no business cropping up in a fantasy world.

Why not?

Well, obviously, if you suddenly start writing about Climate Change or Income Inequality, the reader is going to remember that he’s not actually in a fantasy world but only reading a stupid book whose author is trying to lecture to him. Any reader with a modicum of self-respect will walk away from it.

But more importantly, the issues specific to our time, no matter how important they are right now, are only fleeting symptoms of the great disease–sin. The great problem is the Fall of Man, which has been with us from the beginning and has taken many forms. In my lifetime, for instance, it was communism in my younger days and Obamaism today.

It doesn’t matter what we call them. They are all aspects of the same thing.

By importing the Democrat Party agenda into the ancient world, Abner has trivialized the far greater issues raised by the Bible–issues which remain the same from Genesis through Revelation. Contemporary liberalism will pass away and be replaced by something else just as bad, and bad for the same reasons.

It all boils down to the same thing.

The Serpent told Eve, “Ye shall be as gods,” if only you’re smart enough to disobey God’s command not to eat of the forbidden fruit. And Eve believed him. And Adam believed Eve, and tried to blame the whole business on God Himself: “The woman that you gave me, Lord, she made me do it…” No wonder the pair of ’em got kicked out of Paradise.


New York ‘Law’ Makes It a Crime to Speak the Truth

If some new regulation required you to acknowledge some nut as Napoleon because he insists he is Napoleon, you’d probably consider it unjust, not to mention stupid.

Well, in New York City, you can now be fined up to a quarter of a million dollars for referring to some “transgender” wacko by the “wrong” pronoun, or in any other way failing to get on board with his or her delusion ( http://dailycaller.com/2015/12/28/new-york-can-fine-you-250k-for-misgendering-somebody/ ).

Yes! The Democrats running the city into the ground have come up with a brand-new crime: misgendering. “What are you in for?” the armed robber/murderer/car thief asked the new arrival in the prison.  “They busted me for misgendering.” Horrified gasps all around.

So put that one on the shelf along with homophobia, Islamophobia, Climate Change Denial, and all the other new crimes dreamed up by libs ‘n’ progs.

It is their goal to make any conceivable detail of human behavior potentially punishable. That’ll keep us on our toes. When you can never go to bed without some lurking fear of the Thought and Speech Police breaking down your door in the middle of the night, that’s when the libs will be satisfied.

For the record: no matter what surgical mutilations are carried out, no matter what hormones or other chemicals are injected, no matter what anybody says, every cell, every single one of millions and millions, in a male human body remains male. And every cell in a female human body remains female. No matter what they say, no matter what they do.

New York City’s new “law” is a law against reality.

Humanist Religion (3): Liberal Control Freaks

If I have learned anything at all from intensively studying current events and history, it’s this: everything said or done or advocated by liberals (aka “progressives”) has as its one and only aim the control of other people. This is what makes them tick. In fact, it is the only thing that makes them tick.

Caveat: Not all secular humanists are liberals. Some are strict libertarians who really don’t care what anybody else does, just that they be left alone to do it. There are atheists who are politically conservative, even socially conservative–a position fraught with logical pitfalls, but they are welcome to it.

Most of the Humanist Manifesto II crowd, though, are dyed-in-the-wool liberals… and they want to control your behavior and everybody else’s. Some are sincerely deluded that they know what’s best for others and why do the rest of us not have the good sense to obey them? (“Sincerely deluded” is actually a tautology: I don’t think you can be insincerely deluded.) That would be your old-fashioned Hubert Humphrey liberal–a nice man, an honest man, with a lot of ideas as wacky as they come.

But mostly, when you examine the policies that liberals insist we follow, you discover that if we did follow them, liberals would gain fantastic wealth and more and more power over others. This is blatantly easy to see in the case of Global Warming. It’s what has driven public education theory for over 100 years. It is what makes the political world go round.

There are few liberals who are as flagrantly obvious as, say, Hillary Clinton, about their hunger for power as an end in itself, not to mention her insatiable piling-up of personal wealth. Most of them do a far better job of hanging the fig leaves. But they are only fig leaves.

Because they have such a monomaniacal need to control others, liberals always try to wipe out even the most trifling and ineffective opposition. Case in point: New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez, in all other respects a Party apparatchik in good standing, has been socked with a great big indictment for corruption on charges that the Party just laughed off a year ago. But Menendez opposed Dear Leader’s policy of going soft on Castro’s Cuba; so, for this single trespass, they mean to destroy him. The fact that Menendez’s constituency includes many anti-Castro Cuban voters, whom he must represent or else find another line of work, does not register with the Kremlin on the Potomac. They could have very easily ignored it: “Oh, that’s just Bob Menendez, he has to do that…” But no–off with his head.

If you forget everything else, remember that liberals–who probably account for some 90% of the secular humanists–have an unquenchable desire to control your behavior. Under the banner of “Choice,” they take away your choices. Under the  banner of “Diversity,” they enforce uniformity of thought.

This is what motivates America’s ruling caste at every level, from the lowliest classroom teacher to the pharaoh in the White House. Understand this lust for control, and you will understand everything they say and do.

Let’s Nag Each Other About Racism


I have never been inside a Starbuck’s, and I don’t plan on doing that anytime soon. Like, how much money can you cough up for a cup of coffee?

It’s bad enough they call their employees “baristas.” But recently, in an unsuccessful attempt to inject liberal politics into the most ordinary aspects of life, the top banana of Starbuck’s ordered his peons–er, baristas–to invite customers to “talk about race” while they had their coffee.

This little boat sank in a sea of public mockery ( http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3000260/Starbucks-PR-fail-Twitter-mockery-causes-coffee-executive-delete-account-customers-say-NOT-want-talk-racism-ordering-coffee.html ).

“Hi, here’s your coffee. Now let’s talk about racism.”

Oh, what fun Lenny Bruce would’ve had with that straight line!

This caper is yet another living example of the lib’s entitlement mind-set. Because he’s so much smarter than you, so much better, so morally superior, he can just invade your space anytime he wants–or, better yet, downright delicious, he can order someone else to do it for him. Liberal heaven!

When you’re a lib big shot, you don’t have to solve problems. Indeed, you can even do stuff that makes the problems worse. Nothing matters but your own self-righteousness: and the cheaper it comes, the more you like it.

If there was ever a right time for a pie in the face…