So You Believe This Guy?

Honest John Kerry, now our secretary of state, formerly a senator and presidential wannabe, winner of three Purple Hearts without ever having to spend a day in the infirmary–Honest John Kerry, who prates and babbles all day, every day, about Global Warming and Income Inequality and The New Utopian Super-Nice Borderless World–

John Kerry is putting his $7 million yacht, Isabel, up for sale ( ). You remember: that’s the yacht he ducked out of paying tax on, over $400,000 worth of money that the taxes of an untold number of regular people had to make up for.

Yo, John, when do I get a yacht? How do you propose to equalize incomes in your borderless world so that I can have a yacht and a mansion and a private jet, like you have?

And as for Saving the Planet, why, it would take me half a dozen very busy lifetimes to generate as big a Carbon Footprint as you do in a week.

It dazzles me, it flabbergasts me, that there is anybody out there so witless, so mentally inert, as to believe a single word spoken by the likes of Honest John Kerry. Land o’ Goshen, do you think he believes a single word he says? Do you really?

Our professional full-time rich-as-Croesus political class has got to go, lock, stock and barrel, the whole kit and kaboodle of them. They have lost their fear of God, and they laugh at and despise the undefended masses of people whom they lord it over.

The Lord rebuke them.

9 comments on “So You Believe This Guy?

  1. I’ve heard that his Nantucket mansion is also up for sale.


    1. You are correct. Guess he spends so much time at Davos, he just doesn’t get much use out of his Nantucket pad.

      I wonder how much tax he owes on it?

  2. Last I heard, John Kerry converted and is now Muslim (and so are most of the Usurper-In-Chief’s henchmen). The people of God must continue the fight. When these worshippers of Satan lose, do you suppose they’ll be laughing? No, I don’t think so either. Taxes will come due and Jesus WILL collect!

    1. Last I heard, Muslims didn’t let you worship Allah and idols at the same time, so I am sure reports of Honest John’s conversion are greatly exaggerated.

    2. Does the same rule apply to Muslims who reportedly practice homosexuality and drink alcohol?

  3. They are part of the building Babylonian system of which we see so many symbols right out in the open now. I suppose they think they have everything all sewed up now, so there is no longer any need for secrecy.
    When Babylon falls, it will crash very hard. Just stay out of the way and you won’t get hurt.

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