I Got a Job!!!

Imajjin how up set i Was this weeek wehn I fond out my dad he got a lowyer and somhow my dad he got oute of payin my Stodent Dedt and he stuck me with it!!!! For my frist 5 yeers hear at Collidge now i got to pay them $150,000 dollers!

Wel i toled my prefesser abuot it and “he” sayed No promble, “yiu can Work Offf this” dedt, thare is a new Job opening with the Collidge at its Haul of Scentiffick Exspearmints! Al yuo got” to doo is sit in a cage and peple thay wil pay to Wach yiu eat sox and undies and aslo to seee yore Moth antenners growin out of yore four head! and i sayed “A Cage, yiu meen lyke in a zooo???” But he sayed the Cage wil jist be to proteck me from stopid peple tryin to grab my Antenners to seee if thay is reel which thay is and that wuld Hurt!! And he sayed “It wil bee the most interllectural thing yiu” has ever done!!

Thare is other Scentiffick exibbits in the Haul aslo, next to me thare is a life Size Dummy of Donold Trump and iff yiu payed them 50 scents yiu Can stick “a” pin in it! And thare is aslo a Wite Privlidge Booth ware yuo pay a $doller and go inside and get cussed at enuf to last yiu All Weeek!

So my frist day at my New Job this old guy he sayes “Wel how abuot that! a genuwine old-fashened Geek!” and i sayed “yiu meen” a geek like a computer guy? and he sayed No, “backe in the Old days a Geek was sombody you payed to wach Him” bite off chickin’s head!” But its allmost as good he sayed “to wach you eet a pare of Undies” and Wiggle them Antenners” round and round!

So that is My job now and i get payed 5 $dollers a day so i can pay offf my Dedt in no time! and probly i wil get A raise affter i got My “degreee in” Gender Studdies wich shuld be any yeeer now!


7 comments on “I Got a Job!!!

  1. It’s refreshing to hear that you now have a goal, Joe Collidge. Paying the government to keep you in a cage while shooting you full of hormones sounds like the perfect set-up for you. And your lunch is free. Now that’s a bonus!

    1. America’s university system is too big, has too much money, employs too many idiots, and has way too many students enrolled, learning how to be even bigger idiots. It no longer serves any good purpose at all.

  2. Saw a brutal cartoon while out web serfing (my spell) it showed the JV team ISIS on one side of the frame advancing toward SJW rainbow snowflakes coming from the other side. The precious rainbow brigade is armed with coexist signs, spongebob, unicorns, happytalk, and hugs while ISIS is armed with guns, knives, swords, grenades, suicide belts, at the bottom of the frame it says they deserve what it is coming.
    It was a European page but certainly applies to the culture of the worthless American college experience.
    A baby elephant weighs 250lbs. at birth making it the biggest baby on earth behind American college students.

    1. I wonder if any of our exalted leaders realizes how dangerous this is for our country.
      A republic of whimpering idiots educated in fascism factories will not survive as a republic for long.

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