Video Treat: Bunnies at Play

I don’t know what kind of sense bunnies make of our human world, but at least they seem determined to enjoy it. I had no idea bunnies were as playful as this.

And now two other fuzzy parties are meowing for their supper, so it’s hasta la vista for me.

4 comments on “Video Treat: Bunnies at Play

  1. All kinds of cottontails around here. As long as they stay in the subdivisions they are fine but the roads are very busy and not safe except for the most fleet of foot.
    I tell them to be careful when I am out walking since there are feral cats and a large owl that lives in what we call locally the Green Mile.
    It is a nice patch of forest in the middle of suburbtopia that has many bike trails and large hardwood trees.
    The teenagers used one huge tree for their party palace and never cleaned anything up so the neighborhood hacked the tree down and blocked that portion of the foot trail.

  2. One was in a sad state in the middle of the street last week. It wasn’t very fast as it let me get too close to it a number of times. It may have had something wrong with it.
    I have seen several others since then. Saw the owl out in the daytime and a mean old crow was rousting the owl from its tree. So glad the developers left some forestry in the midst of about eight different subdivision sectors.

    1. I’ve lived in the same small town all my life, and I can’t describe what they’ve done to it. Ah, the woods! And all the rest. All gone, all paved over.

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