No More Girls in Girls’ School?

Just so you don’t think America’s the only country going crazy nowadays, the UK Girls’ School Assn. is fixing to abolish the word “girls”–because, of course, it’s not “inclusive” enough ( ).

Yeah, it seems all these transgender kids are popping up all over the place–neglected children who get packed off to a private school to get them out of mommy’s hair will say or do just about anything to get attention–and they get miffed if you call them “girls” or “boys.”

So now, just as Michelle Obama once proposed to feed children ‘Smores with no chocolate or marshmallow in them–remember that?–the UK is going to have girls’ schools with no girls in them.

What are they going to call them from now on? Bipeds? No, that excludes children who identify as dogs. Organisms? Nope–that lets out kids who think they are inanimate objects such as sofas or tennis rackets.

How much more of this can we take before our whole civilization collapses?

2 comments on “No More Girls in Girls’ School?

  1. Maybe they’ll invent new terms – such as ‘birls or goys’, or maybe even ‘animated beings’. It’s difficult to guess what these morons will do next.

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