Comic Book to Offer ‘Trans’ Super Hero

I detest comic books and super heroes, the whole idea of super heroes–and after you real this, maybe you’ll understand why.

To help feed the liberal-brewed fantasy that there is this huge population of transgender people “living in the shadows” (like illegal aliens who only come out to commit crimes), AfterShock Comics, in September, plans to introduce Alters, a comic book featuring the world’s first transgender super hero, named “Chalice.” ( ) As in Charles + Alice = Chalice. Ain’t that clever? But what else could you expect from “a diverse team of creators”? Translation: a gaggle of moral imbeciles.

Yes, folks, we do need this in our culture, don’t we? Yes, from now on we’re just going to create ourselves, and have no more use for God.

Do we really want to be created, or re-created, by idiots? Is that what we really, truly want?

Because that’s what we’re getting.

7 comments on “Comic Book to Offer ‘Trans’ Super Hero

    1. So if some woman posing as a man insists she has a wonky prostate gland, they have to treat it?
      This stuff has got to stop, real soon.

  1. A male cousin responded to his mid-life crisis by becoming a woman.
    The whole nine yards with hacking off of gear shifter and ball bearings and hormone treatments that go on for life.
    We always knew he had a feminine personality, at least me and my brothers did but we never hassled him about it.
    An out of state company interviewed him over the phone and was shocked when he showed up for the in person interview and told him the offer was rescinded. He is now suing them.

  2. I admit, I am speechless- and that is strange for me. This garbage just makes me mad. I wrote an article a couple years ago about the idiocy of
    creating the stories of “super heros”, the “one man” who could save the world, brainwashing and conditioning people to receive the anti-christ, but really! This is just too much.

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