The ‘Gone With the Wind’ of Kitten Videos

All right, this one is a bit longer (7 min.) than the cat videos I usually post. But I’ve had a hard two days and watching kittens play relaxes me. Especially when I don’t have to clean up any mess they care to make.

2 comments on “The ‘Gone With the Wind’ of Kitten Videos

  1. Just what the doctor ordered 🙂 Thanks, Lee. These little ones are hilarious – and I can pretty much relate to all of this! There’s no reason not to post longer videos – people don’t have to watch the whole thing if they don’t have time, but some of us sure will!

  2. Love them, whatever the length. This one reminds me of some of my own cats from a former home. Always amuses me to see the mother cat looking so bored while the kittens are running amok.

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