The Globalist Sky is Falling

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When the people of Britain voted the other day to secede from the European Union, there was great wailing and gnashing of teeth among the Citizens of the World crowd. They don’t want to be British! They want to be transnational. Or whatever.

Gee, too bad they don’t have what we have, here in the USA. Here, when liberals get an election result that they don’t like–e.g., Proposition 8 in California, reserving marriage to one man and one woman–they can always find a Democrat judge to overturn it. I guess they don’t have that in Britain.

Since the late 19th century it’s been fashionable among self-admiring leftids to despise their own countries and pine away for various kinds of super-states.

Note: The root of this ideology is religious. Unable to believe in God, in Jesus Christ, humanists must look elsewhere for their salvation. They always wind up looking in the mirror for it. Their spirits can soar no higher than good ol’, great ol’ Homo sapiens and those glorious extensions of himself, the state and Science. That these institutions cannot deliver salvation doesn’t seem to matter.

No one can blame the Europeans for trying to prevent world wars from sweeping across their continent. But they refuse to see war as arising from the sinful human heart. They seek an institutional origin. That way, all they’ve got to do is tweak and tinker with their institutions, and voila!–they’ll have perfected man himself.

Before long the smoke of Brexit will have blown away, the stock markets will right themselves, and normal people will discover–if they didn’t already know it–that they never did need the EU to carry on trade, to enjoy peaceful and friendly intercourse with other nations, or any of those other things that are routinely done when a nation’s heart is right.

All they’ve lost is some unelected bureaucrats in Brussels to tell them what to do.

P.S. to Regular Readers: I’ve just returned from the hospital. Poor Aunt Joan! It distresses me to see her confined to a bed, etc. But she is much, much better than she was on Thursday, and it looks like she’s going to pull through. Please keep praying for us, folks. I do appreciate it!

12 comments on “The Globalist Sky is Falling

  1. The statist utopians can have their failed god known as the state.
    The Tower of Babel has already been tried and Tower of Babel 2.0 will be an epic failure as well.
    I knew BREXIT would pass when Hussein lectured the Brits to stay in the new Soviet E.U. and threatened to “move them to the back of the queue” on future trade deals if they left.

    The precious snowflake me, me, me, millenials are mad at the “baby boomers” for voting BREXIT, looks like they’ll have to retreat to their safe space or move out of merry olde England:

  2. You have nailed it exactly, both Lee and Thorsten. People never learn, at least those who do not read Biblical history. They fail to realize that the Creator is in control and He will decide what happens on HIS earth. It didn’t work for Nimrod and will not work for his stupid types in our generation. Thanks to both of you. I can also bolster my teachings.

  3. I find most of them at news aggregator pages and some “right wing” pages.
    Those Daily Mail pages will have all that celebrity gossip and fluff on the right margin that I usually ignore.
    The comments are usually great. The lamestream media tries to get everyone who doesn’t agree with the leftists Great Leap Forward agenda to think they are alone in a small minority and this couldn’t be further from the truth but then again the former fourth estate that is now the fifth column wouldn’t know the truth if it jumped up and bit them on the posterior.


    1. We always read the comments! And it’s always hard to find any that are favorable to the Progs’ little experiments.

  4. I think that is so awesome. Go Britain!
    I wish America would leave the UN and that every single unelected dingbat would be thrown out onto the streets to earn his/her own living.

    I’m also very glad to hear that your aunt is doing better. I’m praying that she will be able to leave the hospital soon.

  5. God surely has done a work in Britain and I pray He does a similar work in this good ol’ US of A. I fear, however, this nation has allowed far too much evil to enter, not the least of which was kicking God out in the first place. But for now, at least, the globalists and their insane followers have been taken down a peg or two.

    Praise God your aunt is getting better, Lee. Our Lord is faithful. He wants to bless His children. You, your aunt and your family remain in my prayers.

    1. Thank you, Linda. I told her about the prayers this morning. I have no way of knowing if she hears me, but I told her.

  6. It is a setback for the globalist types, but biblical prophecy will be fulfilled. There will be coming the final world empire, led by the Antichrist. Rather that be the EU or something else I don’t know, but its clear the globalists want a world government, and they will have their way for a short time.

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