We Strock a Blow Aginst Hat Speeech!

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Last nihht hear on “the” campace we Had some Exitement wehn we heared thare was somboddy waching a christain Movie in his Dorm room so a bunch of Us we went runnin up thare and It was true!!! We seen he Was waching one of Those hatful Bibel Movies and wuld yiu beleave it? Thare wasnt not one singal Trans Gender chactotor in that damb movie!!!

Wel we wasnt goin to Tollerate such Intollerance not for one minnit, it was Micro Gresion aginst the hole stodent boddy so We beet him “up” and toook al his Stuff to re disturbute to the poor only thare wasnt enuf of it to go aruound so we jist kept It, And thenn the Bias Responts Teem thay come and sentince that bum to Six months of Sensativty Traning and if that dont make his Mind rihgjt he wil Be expeled from The collidge! Ha ha!

Only thing is, that Bum he strugled and wuldnt yiu kno, one of my moth Antenners it got Bent!!! Oh boy that hurted! And so tooday wehn i sitting in my Cage the stopid peple thay is laaghing at me but My prefesser he Sayed to Ingore them and it Is a smale Pryce to pay for Bein a Interllectural! So I gess i got the last laagh on them ha ha!

Wel i got to eeat Lunch now, thay gived me A “nice jucy” pare of jim sox and my Antenner it dont hurt so much wehn i am eeating.

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    1. Well, it’s nice to know they have plans to protect *somebody,* even if they couldn’t possibly care less what happens to the majority.

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