Pope Threatens to Excommunicate God

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“The Blind Leading the Blind” (1568) by Pieter Bruegel the Elder

Having just declared that Catholics ought to apologize to “gays” ( http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/world/2016/06/27/pope-church-gays-treatment/86425734/ ), it only remains for Pope Francis I, aka Comrade Pope, to say that God ought to apologize, too.

If there were any truth to this story which I am making up to make a point, the Pope would chide God Almighty for “Creating us capable of all sorts of sexual pleasures, you name it, and then not letting us enjoy it! Like, how mean is that??? Saying the only sex you can have is within a marriage–a man and a woman, no less! How dreadfully uninclusive! I mean, really, God has got a lot to answer for! And He had better straighten out, like real soon, or I’m gonna excommunicate Him!”

Now it is true that sinners sin, and that we are all sinners, some tempted this way, others tempted another way. Our problem is never with the sinner who struggles, and on his own is just not strong enough to achieve righteousness–which applies to every single one of us.

Our problem is with those wicked individuals who declare that their sin is not a sin, the Bible is wrong, God is wrong, and you’d better join them in “celebrating” it, or else. It is not the sin that’s the problem, but the out-and-out rebellion against God’s plainly stated word.

But I think it would surprise me to hear that this Pope ever reads the Bible.

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  1. The Jesuits spend their lives twisting Scripture and eliminating (in one way or another) those who choose to believe God rather than them. Now they’ve gone so far as to invent ‘Chrislam”. This Jesuit pope continually comes out with outrageous statements – like maybe baptizing space aliens (or them baptizing us), like Jesus was a failure on the cross – many things he says expose his motives. If anyone would like an education about the Jesuits, read their oath! You can find it – and much more – here:


  2. Yes, I hear you loud and clear. I feel truly sorry for those poor souls who were born into catholicism and really do not know better. I have been reading these outrageous outbursts from this jerk, and I can hardly keep from exploding. He is a disgrace to the human race, to say nothing of one who is thought by many people to be a godly man. There are even well known ministers of large congregations who are cozying up to him. Another sign of the last days when the “great falling away” is occuring.

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