Weep for America: a Generation of Air-Heads

Check out this video by Mark Dice: what do everyday Americans know about the birth of their country?

Uh, virtually nothing.

They think we won our independence from China in 1872.

They think our Founding Fathers included Jesse Ventura and John Wilkes Booth. And also somebody named “Jeremiah.”

They are not new arrivals from countries far away, but home-grown Americans–disabled by an American public school education.

It’s hard to hold on to something that you don’t value.

It’s going to be hard to hold on to America.

9 comments on “Weep for America: a Generation of Air-Heads

  1. Terribly sad – and frightening! Except for the last two – so maybe there’s a glimmer of hope.

    1. So, lemme see, now… the guy with the turban and the Osama bin Laden t-shirt, with a bomb in his hands, he gets through, no questions asked, because we can’t do ‘profiling’… But the partially disabled teenage American girl, she gets beaten up and thrown in jail.
      Have I got this right?

  2. Lee, please excuse if this double posts – my computer is giving me fits lately.

    Here are a couple of examples of why we really must weep for our country:



    Evil lurks in every corner now – and not only corners, but out in the open. God help us, for only You are able.

    1. These people are insane and the people sleep on.

      Side note: These two posts didn’t show up on my end until you commented – don’t know what’s going on with my computer, but it’s acting up lately and I’m sure not a techy.

    2. Sounds about right – and be utterly frustrated. My virus protection does a thorough scan every week along with a continuous scan so that isn’t the problem. Sigh . . .

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