By Request: Andre Rieu, ‘Amazing Grace’

Wow! Linda, thank you so much for this contribution–Andre Rieu and his orchestra, performing Amazing Grace.

My aunts all loved Andre Rieu, and hearing this brought back wonderful memories of Christmas-time at their house. But even without these memories, the beauty of this hymn moves me to tears.

Tomorrow is Aunt Joan’s birthday, and I should be well enough to go and see her then. I wish I could play this for her.

3 comments on “By Request: Andre Rieu, ‘Amazing Grace’

  1. Indeed, this is very moving! I’m so glad you enjoyed it too, Lee.

    I wonder – maybe you could ask one of the nurses if they wouldn’t mind using their cell phone (or maybe a tablet) to go to youtube and play this so your aunt can hear it. Maybe it would bless her day.

  2. Indeed marvelous, very moving, and a version I had never heard before. Thanks to both of you.

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