Supreme Court Justice Bashes Trump

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Have you noticed how everyone who’s bad is lining up against Donald Trump?

One of the reasons our country’s founders gave Supreme Court justices lifetime appointments was to keep them out of politics. The justices are meant to judge cases on their merits, and not have any political axes to grind.

But now we come to Justice Ruth Bader “Way Out on the Left” Ginsburg, who recently expressed her horror of a possible Donald Trump presidency ( ).

Do you think she’ll be fair and impartial in ruling on any controversies involving Donald Trump, his candidacy, or the election itself? If you do think that, would you also be interested in buying a deed to Easy Street?

But these people don’t even try anymore to conceal their contempt for law and propriety. They just do as they please, and the Supremes are the worst offenders of the lot. Whether it’s redefining the basic institutions of family life, or awarding the federal government ownership of our healthcare industry, the only law they recognize is whatever moves them for the moment.

Wouldn’t it be nice, someday, if we had lawmakers who actually obeyed the laws that they enforce upon the rest of us?

2 comments on “Supreme Court Justice Bashes Trump

  1. Unfortunately for ‘we the people’ there is corruption at every level and facet of this evil government. The Supreme Court has been legislating from the bench, showing their particular biases along the way. And you are correct, Lee. None of them – politicians, judges, holders of office, workers for holders of office – none of them intend to follow the laws that ‘we the subjects’ must follow. If Hil-liary is elected, the deck will be stacked for decades to come. Stick a fork in us. We’re done. This nation is under Divine Judgment.

    Come, Lord Jesus!

  2. Indeed, it would be wonderful if judges and courts could recall what their prescribed duties consist of. I sat in court one time and heard a judge of the superior court of the county make the statement “…my gut feeling is…
    in the preliminary remarks before final ruling. I about fell off my chair at that one.

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