Video Treat: Dogs & Babies

This has got to be great for a baby’s development, don’t you think? I wouldn’t know, because we didn’t have a dog until I was in sixth grade.

Anyhow, these babies are totally digging the dogs, especially the dogs that chase soap bubbles.

It always amazes me, how certain dogs and cats seem to fully understand that a particular human being is only a baby and they’ve got to be nice.

2 comments on “Video Treat: Dogs & Babies

  1. This is precious! Thank you, Lee. To me, there’s not a sound sweeter than a baby laughing. Reminds me of when my children were babies. We had an Australian Shepherd who really loved them and who was very attentive to them.

  2. Very cute, and a nice break from the daily stresses. I hope you are feeling better today, Lee, and that our prayers for others are effective, too. I have a request today: daughter-in-law, Angel has been diagnosed with the condition called hemochromatosis. I understand it is difficult to treat, but nothing is difficult for our Lord and Healer.

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